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16 November 2007


Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Nintendo DS takes in famous scenes from every one of the six Star Wars movies, Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga brings the epic Star Wars story to life in the palm of your hand. Combining two previous Lego Star Wars games into one package and throwing in a horde of incredible extras, Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga on DS lets you play as over 160 of your favourite characters as you set out to master the Force and prove yourself a true Jedi. The game features the tongue-in-cheek humour typical of the series and makes use of the DS Touch Screen to let you unleash the force with simple sweeps of the stylus.

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Release Date: 11/09/2006

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LEGO Star Wars II, the first LEGO game to be played on the Nintendo DS console, was an entirely disappointing and unplayable mess. But it’s definitely a good thing that the game’s sequel, LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga has no resemblance to its predecessor in the DS console. The Nintendo DS version of the game completely removes the remains of its predecessor features and really started from scratch, up to having a new development team to do the project. And in the end, the result is a very slick remake of the successful design found in the console, and reflects much of what makes the console version fun.

Never ever let the “LEGO” in the title fool you that this is a very childish game. The game may be focused upon the very famous kids’ toy line, but the gameplay quipped in this game is definitely for the hardcore gamers who have experience. The designers of the game incorporate the LEGO brand in the style of its world and even its humor, that is, when a character dies, they shatter into pieces. The designers have constructed elegant structures and even mechanisms to move you through levels. The characters shine just like plastic when exposed to light. And though the title might seem to suggest a kid’s product, the design is actually focused upon the gamer crowd who are definitely looking for some action in their games.

The game is an extensive cover-up of all the six Star Wars movies. Some important moments from the films have been used to become action sequences in the game. This also suggests that there are literally countless characters to play in the LEGO Star Wars, each being equipped with their own abilities. Some characters are light saber welding Jedis; while others are blaster toting rebels. The force comes into action by shaking objects to obtain hidden goodies or to move large structures from one side of a level to another in order for you to have access to previously inaccessible areas. And because this game is true to its being a Star Wars game, you can definitely expect a lot of battle droids and Stormtroopers to blast and whip, which is actually very satisfying.

The game might be aimed towards action, but a lot of attention towards the puzzle elements of the game is equally placed; and it’s really this balance that makes LEGO Star Wars a superb videogame. The level designs may be designed in a linear fashion, but there are a lot of chances to move away from that path by using certain characters. There are certain doors that can only be opened by specific characters, and you have the choice whether to look for that character within the level you’re in, or you can finish the level without opening that door and just come back once you’ve already obtained the character needed. The design of the game allows for replayability because of this particular element pertaining to the game’s characters.

It must be pointed out that the console version of the game is more impressive. But the handheld team of the game’s developer, Traveller’s Tales, pulled off a vastly enhanced version to fit in with the handheld version. There might be some downsides within the game just like the game’s weak presentation, but this game still proves to be a great one to play, especially that its predecessor was so much of a disaster.

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