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31 October 2014

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Lords of the Fallen casts players in the role of Harkyn, a criminal who has been offered a unique deal: he'll be given a full pardon if he can defeat a demonic invasion. The Rhogar Lords are invading from an evil dimension and have all but destroyed humanity. Harkyn's duty is to close off the portal to the realm the Rhogar Lords come from. He must then eliminate the remaining creatures from the realm of humanity. Along the way, Harkyn will rally allies to his cause and eventually decide the entire fate of the world.

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'Lords of the Fallen' is a brutal fantasy action game developed by Deck13 Interactive for both the Xbox One and PS4 as well as the Windows PC. 'Lords' seeks to replicate the sort of success that games such as 'Dark Souls' has been able to capture. Gamers looking for a hardcore experience death is frequent and the punishments are harsh will need look no further. 'Lords of the Fallen' may never truly resonate with us the way 'Dark Souls' did it still left an impression on us that will keep us playing for years to come.

What's happening in Lords of the Fallen?

'Lords of the Fallen' follows the anti-hero Harkyn. Harkyn is a criminal who has found his face tattooed with the various sins that he has been found guilty of. This world is not forgiving when it comes to sinning and punishments are harsh and brutal. Why? The leaders of this world want to banish evil completely. Things seem to be going okay for these zealots when a long lost army of Gods attack the realm of humanity. The leaders of this world are forced to call upon Harkyn for help which begins a long, dangerous, and arduous journey that will send Harkyn deeps into the realm of demons where forgiveness may yet be within his grasp.

So what's our gameplay like?

Hack and slash combat has never been more enjoyable. Easily pound a few buttons to begin a brutal string of strikes while making sure to pay attention to your blocking scheme. Staying out of your opponents reach is almost as important as putting your blade into him. Deaths carry some weight and users are forced to make a choice between a hasty battle and long term survival. Of course that survival changes mightily depending on the sort of demonic spawn you come across during your adventures. Whether you are fighting gigantic spiders or fire spitting humanoids, you have to play carefully to stay safe.

How does Lords of the Fallen look?

The game looks incredible when we stay focused on story renders or character close ups. The characters tend to be built like the almost superhuman extras from a 'Batman' cartoon (very comic booky and big) while the landscapes tend to stay bleak as far as the eye can see. The fact that the majority of the gameplay takes place in a broken down world means that we don't get to see a vast collection of beautiful set pieces which, at times, hurts the game. We mostly get to see old crumbly castles and gigantic looming mountains, with very little in between.

Lords of the Fallen hones in on Diablo style play.

Rather than turn into a slow pace RPG, 'Lords of the Fallen' seems content to deliver an arcade style experience to its fans. Combat can be quick and the rush to find new loot consuming. Better items fall out from enemies as your character progresses in the world. There are also seemingly random 'bonus chest' minigames that will appear in the form of a 'challenge portal' after you defeat a big boss. These portals allow you to fight wave after wave of enemies for the prospect of nabbing a giant chest full of treasure.

Three different paths to play through.

Lords of the Fallen is a focused game that wants to keep players playing instead of thinking too much. Because of this there are only three different character types to choose from: the Warrior, the Quake, and the Rogue. The warrior and rogue are pretty much self explanatory. These are classes based on some shade of brute force, whether it be with a ranged weapon or an axe. The Quake, on the other hand, is a magical style class that allows for the summoning of spirits to aid in combat. Spells and abilities can be unlocked as the game progresses.

A fun but uneven experience.

Lords of the Fallen is a fun game with moments of pure joy however as the game progresses they become increasingly few and far between. Lords of the Fallen never gets bad, not exactly, but it never lives up to that resonating note of promise that we had hoped for upon purchasing it. This is a fun hack and slash game that isn't afraid of what it offers but sadly only offers a portion of what it should.

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