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26 October 2012


Meet Lucius, the eponymous character who you control during this game. He can move objects, wipe human memories, read and control human minds, the list goes on. Not bad for  a  six year old, but then he is a little special, being the son of guess who. Yes, the clue is in the name. He is the son of Lucifer, the Devil and you must help him carry out the most unspeakably horrific acts. Not for the squeamish amongt you!

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Given that we accept the fact that Lucius is who he is, that is the son of Lucifer, the Devil himself, and has telekinetic and mind controlling powers, the idea of the game is not so unreasonable. Lucifer, or at least you, must get him to carry out a series of horrific killings while trying to distract attention from yourself by carrying out harmless household tasks. There seems to be little reason for these acts of violence, but given who he is it is not surprising. It is evil for evil's sake, the embodiment of his father's reason to exist.

These distracting tasks often take the form of carrying various common objects from place to place within a house, usually one at a time, which makes the whole business rather long and drawn out, unless you have nothing better to do and you are left with very little choice as to how you carry out your main objectives. The clues you are given to find certain hidden objects which are required to carry out certain objectives are often a little vague.

Although the tasks which you do around the house are meant to draw attention away from your real purpose, without some care you can quite easily be seen while going about them and this brings a penalty which involves going back to the start. And you guessed it, there is no save function. But surely the idea of doing something to draw attention away from something else reequires being seen, but being seen means a penalty whereby you lose all your previously gathered objects, surely a contradiction.

So much for the plot but what about the animation. It's not too good and the dialogue is not much better. But for all that it's really not such a bad idea for a simple game and the basic plot could have so easily have been implemented in a much better way.

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Mar 30, 2014

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