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15 August 2008

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In Madden NFL 09, the most recognizable franchise in video game sports returns for a 20th season of gridiron action. The constant tweaking of the series continues as well, with the "09" entry unveiling an assortment of new features and updated graphics and animation. Chief among the new offline features is the Adaptive Difficulty Engine, which determines players' "Madden IQ" by judging their ability to run, pass, and defend. The game then offers players the chance to compete in the four standard difficulty levels, or the new custom "My Skill" difficulty level specifically tailored to their play style.

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The game is obviously of most interest to the American gamers, America being the home of this sport, which is now becoming popular in more countries worldwide. I have never played the game or watched one live but I had a vague idea of what went on. The main rules soon became a lot clearer to me with the help of this game. But this game package is more than just a basic tutorial for newcomers to the game. There are different modes that you can play and all modes are exciting and fun.

The easiest mode and so the most suitable for beginners is the rookie mode, but all modes have the usual and, familiar to some, American football moves such as dives, circles, kicks and lots of brawling, just like the real thing. The controls are easy to get the hang of and to remember so you will not have a difficult time playing the game. You can use the tactics of your choice and the players of your choice and to make things easier there is a new system which tailors the difficulty of the game to your experience. So even if you are not a player of the game, you will gently be led into the sport and soon get to know the basic rules and tactics.

There are more complex technical aspects to the game and added competition to win trophies, but you really need to give it a go in the rookie mode to get into all that. There are also picture editing and presentation modes and a broadcast presentation using well known commentators of the sport.

As for the game presentation; the graphics are well up to the job and the audio is equally good, certainly good enough to hear a clear commentary and all the usual crowd noises that come with a real football game. In conclusion, Madden NFL 09 is a high content, fun game to play, especially for those who are American football fans. I enjoyed the learning experience very much and can without hesitation recommend this game to sports lovers and those not so sporty.

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Nov 27, 2014

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