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29 August 2014

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Madden NFL 15 offers powerfully rendered graphics and improved AI technology. In Madden NFL 15, Player Sense 2.0 brings your opponents to life as they rely on contextual awareness and head tracking to make split-second decisions such as whether or not to make a reach tackle based on how far they are from the receiver. Like other PlayStation 4 games, the game can also be played online against other real players. If you're more interested in the strategic aspect of football rather than raw competition, the online Connected Franchise Mode grants you access to real-time updates, such as which players have recently become free agents.

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Madden NFL 15 on the PlayStation 4 is an American football sports video game published by EA Sports and developed by EA Tiburon.

The Madden football franchise has been steadily churning out games for a couple of decades now and they don't seem to be too keen on slowing down anytime soon. Despite some criticism for the way that they don't change too much between entries, this new Madden has critics talking. Released for the PS4, XB1, PS3, and Xbox 360 means that this game has a wide audience of gamers at its disposal. Let's take a look at the ways that Madden 15 rose above while also recognizing the things that they didn't quite get right.

One of the most telling aspects of a new football game is how well it plays right outside of the box. This means that you should be able to load it up without tinkering and enjoy a realistic football simulator. In past games this has been borderline impossible. Opposing AI has always been too good or too bad to put up much of a challenge in single player mode. In order to remedy this situation the Madden team installed a 'sliders' option that allowed players to change individual tendencies of the computer player. So with time and effort you could get a game the way it should have been before it was even put on the shelf. In NFL 15 the sliders you normally would adjust are no longer needed. Upon playing my first quarter of football in the game I realized how realistic and everything seemed to be. There were never unrealistic interceptions or constantly broken deep routes. The game was playable and lazy gamers, who didn't want to fuss with sliders, are definitely going to enjoy that aspect.

In terms of changes, Madden NFL 15 immediately addressed one of the core portions of the game: playing defense. For years many players of the Madden games believed that the defensive side of the game was a boring chore you had to deal with before you got the right to back to slinging the ball around. This is no longer the case. The guys behind Madden 15 seemingly put a whole lot of work into fixing what was wrong with their defense and it has paid dividends. First off you will notice that there is a new defensive camera that is geared toward the quarterback at all times. There is also a change in the way that your rusher attacks the line of scrimmage. You will get to experience some of the joys and frustrations of being on the defensive line. The final change that seemed worth mentioning was the way in which you tackled. You no longer were given the benefit of the doubt by being allowed to just run into your opponents. Now you have to decide where you want to tackle the ball carrier: Up low? High? This makes every tackle an ordeal and one that will push toward more and more strategy.

On the offensive side of the ball you will notice that there has been a new play calling system installed. You will no longer be offered an array of simplistic suggestions (fullback dive every time!) This new play calling takes the statistics of the opposing defense into consideration before devising a game plan. Do you have an opponent that likes to blitz on 1st and 10? If so then the play calling will push you toward the right kind of play to counter that defense. In doing so you will be able to score bigger plays when the time is right.

Of course no Madden game is complete without mentioning the revamped graphics, roster and campaign settings. You will see all of your new favorite players on the game and you will be seeing them in full glory. Madden 15 is a pretty game, at least on the field, and that should keep you interested with what you are seeing on the screen. The players on the field look decidedly next gen with intense detail to each piece of their uniform.

Despite the smooth new play calling and gorgeous graphics, Madden NFL 15 on the PlayStation 4 still isn't the perfect game. Football fans would love to see more depth to certain aspects of the game like the franchise mode. Still, Madden 15 is easy to play and pretty to look at.

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