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27 August 2010

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Mafia II puts you in control of Vito Scaletta, the son of Sicilian immigrants, who after returning home from World War II with an injury, enlists in a life of crime in the sprawling city of Empire Bay after discovering his sister and mother are struggling to pay back a large sum of money to a loan shark. As this epic fable progresses you will meet some of the most powerful crime figures in Empire Bay's sordid history, make friends, enemies and be asked to put your loyalty to the Mafia to the ultimate test.  Mafia II stunningly recreates the dark and unforgiving world of the mafia where clothing, cars, music and advertising are meticulously crafted to replicate life in an American city in the 1940s and 1950s.

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Mafia II is finally out, get ready to join Vito Scaletta as he returns from World War 2, only to find his mother and sister in some financial trouble. They have gotten involved with a loan shark and in some deep trouble. The setting of story takes place in Empire Bay, in New York. There you will find all kinds of missions you can complete in order to live the life you have always wanted to live.

As the game starts out you will be starting from the bottom. That means you are going to be fighting with your hands. You will be engaging in fist fights. For the most part I found these to be rather easy; you will simply hold a button until you are prompted to either punch with a power shot or a quicker faster shot. Vito must be a good

The cops are going to be giving you a lot of trouble from the game. It can be anything from having a broken bumper to speeding. Kind of reminds me of Driver, a popular game from my previous gaming past. The cops do seem to bit unpredictable at times, though.

The storyline is pretty damn good and I found that it did hold my attention to the end. I don't know if anyone has played the first Mafia game, but the story was lacking in the first one. This is simply not the case with Mafia 2. The voice work in this game is probably in my opinion its best feature.

There is always something to do in Mafia 2. For instance, the boss scenes are great. You are going to find yourself ducking for cover and firing away at your enemies all the time. In order to recover some of your health you are going to have to take cover and avoid getting shot. I have found this to be pretty challenging at time, but rewarding.

There are some nice missions that pull away from the norm at times, which are really fun. For instance, you will find yourself as an undercover window washer and you will have to whack a number of characters. I would have like to see even more of these kind of missions rather than just killing everyone in view.

All and all, I would have to say that Mafia 2 is a pretty good game. You will enjoy a lot of cut scenes and a decent storyline. There are ton of 30's-40's guns for you to choose from, which are a lot of fun. What Mafia game would be complete without the Tommygun?

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