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16 October 2009

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MagnaCarta II introduces an original storyline driven by intense themes of love, hate, politics, betrayal and the ultimate question of choosing one's own fate. Players are immersed in the world of the Lanzheim Continent, a conflict-ridden land deeply divided by a fierce civil war. Powered by the Unreal Engine 3 and featuring character designs by famed Korean artist Hyung-Tae Kim, the game bears a striking visual style unlike any other RPG through its blend of photo-realism and Japanese manga influences. The deeply emotional story is driven by beautifully rendered CGI cut-scenes featuring fully voiced dialogue to draw players into the immersive experience. Delivering more than 40 hours of gameplay, Magna Carta 2 features a unique battle system which combines strategic turn-based battles and real-time gameplay.

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The story is all about the greed of a certain politician who killed the Queen of Lanzheim and immediately sits in the throne. He ignites a big war between the lowly people and the overpowering people when he became the king. The story is inappropriate to the not so brilliant characters and the dating of the story is also confusing.

The player will use the character of Juto who is an amnesiac which came from the rural area. Juto meets Princess Zephie and other person who is an important character for the revolution. As Juto, the player must help the two characters with the battle unit to reclaim the kingdom while also solving Juto's personality issues. Every character has at least two battle skills and other abilities that still need to be unlocked. The present time feature makes the game pacing fast. The player can gain energy by using major attacks to the enemies but he needs to master the art to avoid overheating.

The most exciting feature of the game is its very fast chaining which will motivate the player to be more alert for his resistance and exact timing abilities. There must be monitoring for the length of attacks to ensure energy addition. When there is a threat of overheating a player can perform chaining by changing to overdrive mode using another member. Performing another skill through other member before the main character recover from overheating will totally save the two characters.

The disadvantage of chaining is that it will never provide improvement for the player because it will only allow two members chaining for the entire game lessening the excitement and tends to be redundant. The AIs are responsive but most of the time a player will find it hard to control them. It did not voluntarily manage to free itself from minor obstructions such as trees and even in shallow dips in the area. The player will usually ends up controlling it even in small obstacles.

To relive a player from the capricious mechanics there are exciting mini tasks and the player's ability to customize some parts during the game. The game has a good setting and design which sets colorful environments that are stimulating. The models are wonderfully made with great costumes. The sound effects are just right but not totally outstanding. All in all, the game can be completed within 40 hours including the mini tasks. But it does not inspire game repetition. The common story, disruptive AI and generic battle plays are insufficient to the fast pacing game and great visual effects.

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