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23 November 2007

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In Mario Party DS, the minigames are crazier than ever, because everyday objects are a huge threat to the minimized crew. More than 70 minigames use the Nintendo DS Touch Screen, the microphone and standard buttons in a surprising combination of ways. Players will fling massive hamburgers with the stylus, drag huge leaves out of the way in a forest race and literally blow down a gargantuan Whomp. Mario Party sees a shrunken Mario and his cohorts coming to terms with their now giant environments. With five different game boards a whale of a time will be had by all.

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Release Date: 09/03/2007

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Mario Party for DS is one of my favorite Mario games, in the game you are trying to escape Bowser’s anger after he turned them into miniature people who he thinks cannot do anything to harm him, or so he thinks!

Mario Party is playable with 8 characters from the Mario Brothers franchise: Mario, Luigi, Wario, Yoshi, Princess Peach, Daisy, Waiuigi, and Toad. There are 5 board/mini games for the Story mode. In a board game, your character will have 3 opponents, defeat them and proceed to the next level until you come to the final level wherein you encounter a difficult boss as a means to prove your skills and strength. Finish one board game, and then proceed to the next until you have finished all 5. As you make progress throughout the game, you can earn points that will enable you to unlock special items, badges, and Mario Points along the way.

Once on the game menu, there are 6 main selections, Story Mode, Party Mode, Minigame Mode, Puzzle Mode, Multiplayer, and Gallery. Story mode has been discussed above, while in Party Mode, you create your own battles, Battle Royale, Tag Battle, or Dual Battle and choose the character that will represent you. Choose your allies and enemies then make some tweaks in the settings and you’re good to go!

For Minigame Mode, you can replay the minigames that you have unlocked in the Story Mode. Choose your character, enemy, difficulty level, and start playing. It is in here that you can set new courses again if you didn’t like the ones you made for yourself in Story Mode.

Puzzle Mode involves exercising the brain to gain points, while in Multiplayer you can host a Mario Party with your friends as the visitors. One person has to have a game card, and up to three persons can connect.

Check out your unlockables in the Gallery!

As expected with Mario games that are sometimes older than some of its players, Nintendo has delivered an awesome game with Mario Party. People from all ages will be satisfied with the minigames, and the game is top notch. Everyone who owns a DS should have this one!

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Dec 30, 2013

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