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06 November 2009

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In Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, the Marvel Universe is being torn apart. You and your team of Marvel Super Heroes help Nick Fury launch a secret pre-emptive strike against Latveria and Lucia Von Bardas only to have to thwart her retaliatory attack on New York City. You and your gang of superheroes must save the day once again.

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Generally speaking, the game is a combination of two best storylines Marvel has ever had, such as the Secret and Civil War. The game's opening is set in Latveria with Captain America, Wolverine, Spider Man and Iron Man who are about to take down the prime minister of the nation. Even if she has a nice relationship with the American government, Lucia von Bardas is responsible for supplying the enemies with harmful technology. When Latveria strikes back by hitting New York, people were immensely astounded by the group's secret war.

All throughout the course of the game, the player can become any hero within the superhero squad and you can shift from one member to another, whichever one you want to control. The usual level of MUA2 will allow you and other players to go to an area with a high perspective and tear down everything just like boxes, cars and others which will let you gain accumulate points. At the outset, every hero is only equipped with 2 fantastic powers but as you keep on playing and increase your level you will reveal 2 more powers.

Apart from the ability points which you can earn, you will also have the chance to earn power points which can be added to your powers in order for the damage which you want to be inflicted will increase and the price in using it will reduce. If you want to concentrate on smashing everything you find, you can make use of autospend and let the computer earn the points. With respect to the Fusion Powers, the player can make use of 2 characters either villains or heroes and join their powers altogether to create an amazing effect which will result in an attack that is either clearing, targeted or guided.

On the other hand, there are also certain problems to encounter in the game. Even if the concept of each character which has the ability to connect together with another character is delightful, you will soon realize that there is constant repetition of what you are seeing. From there, all will begin to function simultaneously but will lose interest in the process. Another thing is that although it is interesting to earn the extra costumes in the game, it is frustrating that there is only one for each character as compared to the original game in which there are 3 costumes to earn.

What has been mentioned may not necessarily be big issues, yet, they can be quite conspicuous when we take into account the overall refinement and appearance of the game. This is also applicable in the conversations. When you happen to converse with someone in a shield base that is located underground, each character will start to yammer and afterwards, the camera will shift to the player to select on the 3 reactions such as aggressive, diplomatic and defensive.

Furthermore, the Stark Tower hub is similar to the previous game with the cut-scenes ineffective. The audio logs are not that interesting and the Civil War presentation does not give meaning to the emotional storyline. Ultimately, Ultimate Alliance 2 is a bit of fun but is not very impressive when taken as a whole.

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