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03 November 2006

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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is an action role-playing game featuring the largest cast of costumed crusaders and mutant messiahs in a video game to date. Twenty Marvel superheroes have joined forces to combat the diabolical Dr. Doom and his Masters of Evil. The action will take players to Atlantis, the Skrull home world, the S.H.I.E.L.D. Heli-Carrier, and more as they guide a four-person party through 17 comic book-inspired locales. Moves include a flurry of air and ground strikes, from grapples and blocks to chargeable powers and deadly combos. Objects within the environment can also cause damage, and a choice of one- and two-handed weapons can help less extraordinary heroes mete out justice against throngs of enemies. Both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions add a number of visual enhancements to the action, including dynamic lighting effects, articulated body parts, and more.

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Marvel superheroes can usually be depended on no matter the media they are presented in: comics, movies, animation or video games. There are so many strange and exciting characters that it is hard to choose which really is the greatest of them all. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance offers more than 20 heroes to play with and a huge scale campaign that can feature so many supporting characters and arch-villains as well as great locations and hidden extras that have never been seen before. This franchise has been developed for practically all types of gaming consoles that it is difficult to choose which of them is the best. Unfortunately, the Wii version is a big disappointment in that this is not available online.

Dr. Doom in this case has to be brought down and there are a lot of challenging quests to make this possible. With the evil Dr. There are also a lot of sub-villains who need to be defeated as well. The characters that the gamer can play are Capt. America, Spider Man, and Thor. But after playing with them for a few levels, the option is given to the player to choose from 18 different heroes like the X-Men characters, the Fantastic Four and Spider Woman among others. The game has a comic-book appeal for the locations or environments come straight out of them.

But the controls needed to play with this game are the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk. These control the character movements; by tilting the Nunchuk the camera also rotates. The combat moves need the Wii Remote which needs to be waved back and forth for some basic attack moves; sideways to accomplish a sweep attack and up to make the character jump. Each hero with their own special skills and powers needs the player to hold down the B button while the remote is being waved around.

Oddly, the presentation seems more like a Play Station 2 game and the characters look very basic and blocky so they can be difficult to watch. The voice work should not even be discussed but the soundtrack is great. The controls are a bit clumsy but all in all, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is well developed and fun. It sticks true to the Marvel universe. Even if the controls are as to be expected of any Wii game and the fact that the online game is not available, this is still a fun game to play around with.

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