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18 February 2011

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Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds on PlayStation 3 features a bulging roster of classic comic book and game characters from the worlds of both Marvel and Capcom. You’ll be able to face off against some of the world’s mightiest warriors as Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Ryu and Chun-Li, the last two from the acclaimed Street Fighter series. There are also appearances from the likes of Devil May Cry’s sword-swinging hero, Dante, and Chris Redfield from 2009’s survival horror blockbuster, Resident Evil 5.

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The much awaited fighting game that lacks variety but still manages to awesomely stun us with all the action.

Finally, after around a decade of waiting, Capcom releases the third installment of the series Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Definitely after that time, we expected so much for this game, and they managed to not to disappoint us, well not entirely. This is definitely true as the game possesses the same charm as it had before, but with all the modern feel. ItÂ’s like the old got new again, however, while the game goes deep down, variety gets unnoticed.

I am talking about some lack of detail when it comes to the style and animations of the characters, especially with the movements. This is particularly true with M.O.D.O.K., since the animation still shows him pressing the same button over and over again. There is also lack of variety with the modes of the games.

While it lacks variety, the gameplay is still incredibly great and deep, while keeping the characters we used to love a decade ago. YouÂ’ll get hooked for hours within exploration of the game as well as unlocking strategies. Just as its older versions were, MvC3 still manages to get us addicted on its great battles. If you still remember playing the older siblings of MvC3, you will recall seeing overly-exaggerated elements on the gameplay, such as fireballs and combos. The magic is that these donÂ’t appear annoying, but rather entertaining and fun.

The graphics are also astonishing, and the game displays a stunning animation. It is really overly fantastic and the controls seem to be similar and familiar, but still they got altered to keep up with the new platform. Some controls were simplified, what used to be 3 buttons became just one now. Another new alteration to the game is on its roster. It used to have 56 characters that you can play with, but with this new version, there are only 36 modified characters. Capcom managed to mix and balance the roster as those who seemed behind in the predecessor moved up and those who were stronger didnÂ’t overpower the others on the list.

A great element of the game lies on the characters, and Capcom created the cast as entertaining as it can be. There is this sense of unpredictability with all their abilities and itÂ’s up to you to do the mix and matching. I miss some of my favorite characters though, as they are now out of the game. But the new X-Factor mechanic made up for it. This new feature boosts up the speed and strength of each character differently depending on who you mix them with. This is a bit complicated for a newbie, but definitely easy to get used to with a tactical and experienced gamer. If you are a newbie though, donÂ’t worry as there is an extensive training mode to help you preset the teams you will use especially if you are not familiar with the mix and match thingy. Online mode also exists and you can rank yourself amongst other players to give you a boost up.

While the overall game is entertaining and deep, the game still lacks some things that we were expecting while waiting for a decade. The evolution of gamers needs a fast-paced action game rather than something that will take a very long time to master. But through it all, itÂ’s still one of those games that will give a nostalgic feel and let you remember the earlier days of your life, if you happen to have played with the original game. I am not entirely disappointed with everything, overall a worthy fighting title.

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