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16 November 2007

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Medal of Honor: Airborne offers a war-time experience and a storyline relayed by the 82nd Airborne Division of the United States Army during World War II. Navigate troops through Europe from Sicily to Germany and begin death-defying missions by selecting drop points on strategic army mission maps. Jump out of planes and steer parachutes, regroup for tactical deployment, and uncover enemy operations. Realistic upgrades to weaponry are implemented for accuracy with extra ammunition, shoulder holsters, and weapon slings. Trick out the riflery with grips and pads for stability, precision, and the mark of a trained sharpshooter.

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Release Date: 05/09/2008

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The games start off at a slow pace. It looks more of a gimmick at the beginning but later on the game picks momentum to a good one. The game is crowded with characters. The story in Airborne is based on WWII; the Nazis should be killed to save the world. As a player you are in the airborne division and you will be jumping from the planes to and swinging the war in favor of the Allies. Before each mission you are given objectives that you should accomplish. You will arrive in a plane and you should parachute rather than spawn.

Before you land you will want to maneuver towards the green smoke which is a safe landing zone. By parachuting you are free to land wherever you want but the walls will prevent you from getting through and you will end up dead shortly. The game is quite boring at the begging until you get to the second last levels. The two last levels in combination with the great multiplayer make the game worth your time. However, you will be bored because the first half of the game is also boring. Aiming at the weapons in the entire game is not easy, and there are other small flaws that you will encounter throughout the game.

The game is made up of six levels and you are supposed to take on waves of Axis soldiers on the game. The six might look few but each of the levels lasts for at least one hour so the whole game will take you about eight hours to complete the game. Your objectives are listed on the radar and it is upon you to decide the order in which you are going to accomplish them. However, regardless of the order I which you start the game you will have limitation on where to start the objectives and you must play all of them.

The first three levels take place in unexciting settings and the stages are boring. The game picks up at the fourth level with more freedom on how to tackle the levels. When you climb towers you will take out on spinners which you will view their direction by the reflection of the scope, you are supposed to clear the troops on the ground and make your way into the a building which is all about clearing troops on the ground here and proceeding onto the next levels.

The game artificial intelligence is aggressive as well as the games artificial intelligence is not very good. The enemies will shoot at you without looking at your direction and when you get closer they will get reinforcements and shoot you till you get weak but surprisingly in your weak state you can send them off with combat attacks. The controls in this game are quite standard for the first-person shooter. When trying to dash from one cover to the other the sprint buttons come in handy. However, the game has its share of flaws, the automatic weapons have too much recoil and that makes them difficult to aim and this is a problem that is not shared by the CPU. This PS3 version has is more improved than the Xbox 360 because it takes fewer bullets to put down the enemy.

This game too has more component than the previous Medal of Honor Airborne. Eight people can play online at the same time, and the game still is fast and not clumsy. The badly laid visuals do not hamper the games experience at all. Medal of Honor Airborne is a game that you will like once you get past the first 3 levels. Overall it is a good game.

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