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15 October 2010

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Medal of Honor may have plenty of elements that can make it just like any other online games; but the core gameplay and rich graphics are sufficient to make it stand out from the rest of the first shooter game crowd.

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Medal of Honor: Airborne offers a war-time experience and a storyline relayed by the 82nd Airborne Division of the United States Army during World War II. Navigate troops through Europe from Sicily...
by Electronic Arts
Release Date: 16/11/2007

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Today's modern games have seen the development of first person shooters as they are well suited to depict the atmosphere of a man at War. From the popularity of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Call of Duty, it is very clear that gamers are rooting for this kind of game. Having a wide fan base out there, one would expect some very stiff competition among different game creators, and now EA Sports have jumped on the band wagon with its creation of the new Medal of Honor.

This is a remake of the long-running franchise but now in Afghanistan portraying the long standing battle American soldiers have had to fight. The multiplayer aspect of the game is under DICE, the creators of Battlefield, with the same packaging as that of Bad Company 2. Because of this, the Medal of Honor multiplayer game is may seem to some degree familiar.

It has the same layout but applies a different kind of approach with different titles and storylines. One of the differences is the kind that you can get killed easily by a single shot from a rifle of the enemy, the life expectancy of the player is not long while in the field. Thus, given this feature, the player's positioning strategy and awareness of the situation in a fighting situation must be of primary concern.

The game has two maps, the larger one of which is the Helmand Valley where US soldiers have to enter the Combat Mission mode through checkpoints, and are forced to defend themselves. The area is too limited and seems much too small for 24 players (12 VS 12) so that each one becomes an easy target for snipers.

This game is a lot different from Battlefield's conquest mode in that Medal of Honor is not a capture-based gameplay. The characters in the game, particularly the Americans, like it better to move forward and largely depend on their highly refined offense tactics. To ensure the fast-pace approach of the game there's a respawn feature that allow dead players to respawn fast and get back into the fight.

The presence of tanks is not at odds with the game's true gameplay. They merely support the main t6actics that rely on lightning reflexes and accuracy. It is advised to use the map efficiently and clear up the surroundings to have a plain view of the site and make it easy to look for snipers. Each player must know how to efficiently the available cover such as boulders and trees.

The scenes are so detailed, from the impact of bullets to the clouds in the atmosphere to the dust surrounding the soldiers as they move. Grenades, bombs, RPG's and high caliber rifles produce and perfectly depict the kind of battles that the game is trying to portray, war in its most destructive form.

The second map is right in the ruins of Kabul. It is a Death Match game in here, and the idea is quite simple: kill the other team before they get to kill your team. It presents entertaining actions that mirror real war.

The game offers three types of characters, the rifleman, special ops and sniper. Each type of character has its own specialties and features. For example, the rifleman starts with a basic assault rifle but can soon upgrade to much a more sophisticated and effective weapon such as the machine gun. The special ops start with a shotgun together with the snipers; they can easily upgrade to far more superior weapons. The game also features scorechains, which allow consecutive kills without even dying.

Medal of Honor may have plenty of elements that can make it just like any other online games, but the core gameplay and rich graphics are sufficient to make it stand out from the rest of the first shooter game crowd. Watch out for its official October 12 simultaneous release of Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms.

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