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08 June 2007

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Mercury Meltdown is simple. You take control of a blob of Mercury and you have to try and guide you blob of mercury through the hazards that will get in your way. You use the Wii remote to tilt the mercury and it works beautifully!! It really feels that Mercury Meltdown Revolution belongs on the Wii! Pleasingly (and surprisingly) the game also utilises support for the classic controller.

The concept of guiding your mercury from the beginning of the level through to the end may seem quite basic but there are certain objectives along the way. For example, often you'll need to change the colour of your mercury. There are colour changers scattered throughout the levels and often you'll need to split your mercury in halves or thirds, change the colour then mix the colours together to finish the level with a blue or purple coloured blog of mercury. As if colour changing wasn't enough to worry about there are also plenty of hazards scattered throughout the levels such as air jets, force fields, giant fans, platforms and pendulum. In total there are around thirty objects to contend with in the levels.

At times you'll also need to finish the level with a certain percentage of mercury left, so even though you may be happy to finish the level with just 1% of your mercury remaining, it may not be good enough and you'll need to start the level from the very beginning. Your mercury blob now has four different states as well. The mercury can be normal, hot, cold or solid and will react differently according to what state it is in.

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