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29 August 2014

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The fact that these games are based off of a series of successful novels only makes the games more entertaining. Your experience in this version of Russia will be chilling, dangerous, and above all entertaining.

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Metro Redux hit consoles and personal computers this past August in an attempt to bring new fans into the Metro franchise. Redux is a remake of the Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light. It incorporates many of the gameplay elements and visual marks in order to re-create a faithful experience that is simply improved. If you have never played the Metro series then you need to understand a few simple things about it. The Metro series takes place in Russia after a nuclear apocalypse has already swept through. You control one of the survivors of this war, Artyom, as he attempts to survive a world teeming with mutants and not so friendly survivors. There are shades of Fall Out mixed with Call of Duty and even a splash of Bioshock in the experience. Sounds pretty sick right? Let's dive in and see just why this game is so good.

Upon launching up Metro Redux, which is a repackaging and repurposing of the first two initial Metro titles, you will be hit with a choice: 2033 or Last Light? Of course these are the two first titles and if you have not played them before then make sure that you play through 2033 all the way to the end first. If you don't then you will spoil some of the engaging storytelling elements as well as give yourself a false sense of the game. You NEED to grow with 2033 in order to truly enjoy Last Light.

When you actually find yourself in the frigid world of post-nuclear Russia you will practically feel the chill bite into your hands as they clutch tightly to the controller. Whenever companies re-release their popular titles for the newest consoles it is easy to see their work as a quick cash grab without any real meat behind their actions. That is far from the truth here. In Redux not only has the game been ported to the Xbox One and PS4, but it has also been rebuilt into an all new proprietary engine. The game looks like it has never looked before. There are new textures, new models, and newly rendered cut scenes. This is a fresh experience and the only way to truly enjoy the Metro series.

First person survival roleplaying games always bring out the best and worst in their players. Titles like 'DayZ' and 'Rust' will turn gamers into blood thirsty maniacs. Metro Redux makes players choose, right from the beginning, how they plan to survive in this dangerous world. Of course you can find weapons, though they may be scarce, and you can bring the violence to the demons and hostiles in this world. You'll probably die, though. In Metro 2033 the focus of the game should be geared toward survival. You want to avoid conflicts as often as possible and you want to survive the simplest way that you can. This changes a bit when you move into Last Light and for story spoilage reasons we won't dive too deeply into that. You can also address your play style by looking at the different ways the game will allow you to progress. Play to your strengths and see how long ti takes you to find death for the first (and probably not last) time.

We touched briefly upon the different aspects of gameplay in Metro Redux but the options deserve to be explored more thoroughly. If you want to play these games with the aspect of survival paramount in your experience then you can select the 'survivor' option. This will reduce the amount of ammo available as well as make you more conservative in your approach to problems. Switching on 'spartan' mode will turn Redux into a Call of Duty lite experience where guns blazing is the best approach. Your final game option is 'ranger mode' which turns off your HUD and crosshairs to create a more intriguing and immersive experience.

The world of Metro is one that is neck deep in lore and entertainment. The fact that these games are based off of a series of successful novels only makes the games more entertaining. Your experience in this version of Russia will be chilling, dangerous, and above all entertaining.

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