Michael Jackson: The Experience - DS

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26 November 2010

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I’m sorry if you are a die-hard fan of MJ, but I have to say that you should not get your hopes up for this game as you will be disappointed. This game sucks don't waste your time!

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Lowly Worm

Nintendo DS


I’m sorry if you are a die-hard fan of MJ, but I have to say that you should not get your hopes up for this game as you will be disappointed Although the game carries the gold- sprinkled name of MJ, Ubisoft has definitely made a wrong timing in making this game as great hand and eye coordination games like guitar hero and rock band are in dominance at the moment.

Of course there has got to be some form of recognition for MJ’s sake, but for the game itself, we wish that they added more to the challenge of following the moves of the back-up dancers. Challenge in the sense that we wished the game was able to recognize that you made the whole movement with just one hand. I mean c’mon, dancing involves more than just one hand right? Dance - dance revolution does a better job in making you “Dance,” than just by waving your hand like a traffic enforcer. Not to mention that the game gives you the feeling of being tripped as it gives you the idea that you are MJ with what’s that word again? Right, single hand movements.

As for the content, there is a menu that features some aspects of the game to be discovered by passing some levels. And since it’s a dancing game and it’s got MJ’s name attached to it, you can be sure that most popular songs by the king of pop are the songs that you are going to dance to, some of the songs are: ‘Thriller’, ‘Billie Jean’, ‘Smooth Criminal’ and ‘Beat It’ there are also 22 other songs apart from these great hits and also a bonus track. In one way, we hoped that this game had more than just 26 + songs. Having 26 songs doesn’t mean that people will dance on all 26 songs. People can get picky as they can get and believe me, not all of these songs are going to be enjoyed by most players. There has got to be more than just that. Thriller? Not really.

To be honest about the whole idea, I think that it is pretty much offensive in a way, especially for a man who has already passed away to get a tribute that then turns out to be a pathetic attempt. The only thing that this game has as a pillar of hope for franchise is the name attached to it. But without it, it’s going to be a dancing game sure to be put in the end of the list. Producers are hoping that fans will pick up soon enough, but even though most fans will, the games reputation is not going to get far into the various game platforms out there if it performs so badly.

Overall, another step can prove to be a great leap for this games success if producers made it a point that this game would be a great package without relying on the name printed on it, by making it an equal or an even better version of games that are popular in the same genre. This game sucks don't waste your time!

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