WWE 13: Limited Mike Tyson Edition - PS3

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02 November 2012


As the name inplies, Mike Tyson makes an appearance as a playable character in this edition of WWE 13. The game encourages the player, in the form of his chosen on screen character, to manage all aspects of the sport's schedule, from making matches and determining rosters, to television show appearances, and of course, the fight itself.

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Despite the overwhelming success of its Smackdown series of wrestling video games, THQ saw fit in 2011 to go in a new direction. So began the WWE series of games featuring updated graphics and the new predator technology. WWE '13 is the companies second and by far best effort in the series. Boasting the largest roster ever seen in a WWE video game and an all new Attitude Era mode, WWE '13 really hits the proverbial spot for wrestling fans everywhere.

Roster - 10/10

No matter how good a wrestling game is, a roster full of nobodies can really take all the fun out of it. That's not a problem here. WWE 13 has the largest roster in the history of WWE video games and it's chock full of greats from the past and present. Ever wondered who would win if John Cena faced off with Attitude Era star Ken Shamrock? They're both here! How about one of the best new divas in the WWE today, A.J. Lee against her idol Lita? They're both here too! Everyone from the lowest Attitude Era jobber Grand Master Sexay, all the way to the top WWE stars of today like C.M. Punk and Sheamus, they're all here in beautiful 3D to make every dream match you've ever wanted to see a reality.

Match Types - 10/10

What good are all those great wrestling stars without plenty of great match types to put them in? WWE 13 includes just about any style of match imaginable. All the wrestling staples are there such as: One on One, Triple Threat, Fatal Four Way, Tag Team, 6-Man Tag Team, Steel Cage Matches and Battle Royals. Not to mention all the awesome specialty matches put on by the WWE every year, such as the Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber and Hell in a Cell! WWE 13 also features the return of the highly requested Special Referee Match. Can John Cena call it right down the middle when hated rival C.M. Punk faces Sheamus? If you're wearing the zebra stripes, then that's all up to you!

Customization 10/10

Speaking of it all being up to you, that's never been more true than with WWE 13ÂÂÂ’s Creation Suite. Never in the history of wrestling video games and maybe even console games in general, has there ever been a game offering the level of customization that WWE 13 offers. You've got Superstar Threads, allowing you to change the colors of the outfits worn by the wrestlers already on the game, or you can just make your own grapplers with the vast Create A Superstar mode. You can also create your own finisher, your own logos, your own belts, your own stories, and much more. However, the biggest addition to this years creation suite is by far the Create an Arena Feature. Long desired and requested, Create an Arena is all you've dreamed of and more. Everything about the arena can be customized to your hearts desire. I used to love the red, white and blue ropes from the old WWF rings. I can recreate that look! I much preferred the old steel barricade to the new solid foam one. I can recreate that look! I hate all the unnecessary flashing lights and huge stage setups and I can do away with those too. I loved the outdoor arena they used for Wrestlemania 9. Not a problem here either! I could go on and on for hours!

Downloadable Content 10/10

As if that wasn't enough content, I haven't even talked about the DLC yet. Every launch copy of the game comes with a code to download the digital version of longtime wrestling fan, former boxing World Champion and self-proclaimed baddest man on the planet, Iron Mike Tyson! There are also 3 other groups of content available featuring almost 20 more wrestlers and divas, 10 championship belts and 20 all new moves. This amount of quality downloadable content for one single game is almost unheard of!

Attitude Era Mode 9/10

One of the biggest draws of WWE 13 is without a doubt the Attitude Era mode. Replacing the Road to Wrestlemania mode from previous WWE games by THQ, Attitude Era mode takes you on a trip back in time to the greatest era in wrestling history. Relive every epic moment from the Montreal Screw job and Stone Cold Steve Austin's first WWE Championship win, all the way through the Undertaker's battle with Mankind in the cell at the 1998 King of The Ring PPV. If you're an older wrestling fan these stories will be very familiar to you, but trust me they're worth seeing again. You wouldn't believe some of the awesome moments you've forgotten. The younger wrestling fans don't have to be left out though. Every match is preceded by a video package featuring actual footage from the era, so you'll know exactly what's going on and why these matches were so special.

Gameplay 8/10

Gameplay is the bread and butter of any video game. You can talk about presentation, graphics and the huge amount of content 'til the cows come home, but if the game doesn't play well it's all for nothing. WWE 13 definitely plays well, but there are a few rough spots. Many of the glitches found in WWE 12 rear their ugly heads here as well. Wrestlers sometimes clip through the mat, the collision detection is off during the occasional diving move or weapon animation, and of course you'll get the occasional freeze. However, there is one new problem that really stands out and that's the 2 count glitch. There are almost no 2 counts. The wrestler being pinned will either kick out at 1 or be held down for the 3. This really kills the suspense of a close match because you know, almost without question, that the wrestler being pinned is going to lose if the count goes past 1. It's not all bad though, because there are many new additions to the gameplay this year that really go a long way towards making you forgot all those minor glitches. First up are the OMG moments. OMG moments are those crazy and dangerous spots in a match where someone can get severely injured. You can do a move through the announce table or the ringside barricade. You can even do a move through the top of the Hell in a Cell cage. My favorite is a suplex from the top rope with a couple super heavyweights like Big Show and Mark Henry that will cause the ring to literally collapse into itself, ending the match in a draw. Also new to WWE 13 are catch finishers. This is simply when one wrestler hits another wrestler with his finishing move while his opponent is in mid-air. Your jaw will literally hit the floor every single time a catch finisher is executed.

Final Score 9/10

While there are a few glitches, some minor and some not, there is little doubt that WWE 13 is at the top of the food chain when it comes to wrestling games. What THQ started with WWE 12 only gets better here. The tremendous new Create an Arena mode, Attitude Era mode, and the addition of OMG moments and Catch Finishers really bring this game to a completely different level. A level that in this reviewers opinion will be hard to hold down for the 3 count. As Ryback would say, FEED ME MORE!

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