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17 February 2012


In Milton and Friends 3D, there are over 25 different breeds to choose from, from rare Tersk horses out of chilly Ukraine to fiery thoroughbreds. The new 3D technology enables super cute yearlings to appear right in front of the player and eager for some fun times. With an Augmented Reality card, the Nintendo 3DS can make the foal magically appear in the child’s room. Console in hand, train your equine treasures on the lunge while turning round on the spot. You can also attempt the animal obstacle course with your foal and practice elegant dressage moves.

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In Milton and Friends for the 3DS players can raise and take care of animals, but there has been a trend in both casual games and online games for allowing players to care for more and more realistic critters. With Milton and Friends players will be able to care for and raise their own horse, training and grooming it to perform to the peak of its abilities.

What's in the Game

As far as full sized video games go, Milton and Friends is a fairly simple game. Players start off with one of twenty five different breeds of horse, and they have to raise that horse from a foal. The mini games involve players grooming, training, riding, feeding and teaching the horse a variety of different tricks. There are eight mini games in all, giving players plenty of different activities to do with their horses. Once the games are over players can enter their horse into a beauty contest, or even take a picture of the animal which can then be shared with other people.


Milton and Friends makes an interesting use of all the mechanics offered by the 3DS, especially for a game that is similar to what players might find on Facebook. The 3D mechanic is particularly entertaining during training sessions with the horses, giving players a more in depth feel. There's also the physics and real world feature that can be used during riding to actually turn with the horse by tilting the 3DS. It gives more of an impression that the rider is on a motorcycle than a horse, but it's a lot more immersive than if the player was just pushing buttons and watching the screen move in front of them.

While the games might get repetitive on their own (grind is nothing new in the world of video games), each horse comes with its own, unique personality quirks and likes. This allows players the extra enjoyment of figuring out which horse likes what kind of treatment, making them feel more like real pets and less like virtual constructions. It can sometimes be frustrating for players, but once they've learned how a given horse responds to given treatment, then they're golden as far as care taking and training the beast is concerned.

Is It Worth It?

Despite the impressive graphics and the unique takes on the care taker game, Milton and Friends is a game that's meant for younger players. It's clear in the feeling, as well as in the simple rewards players get for properly raising and caring for a foal. The game may be played and enjoyed by anyone of course, but the target audience is younger players who can enjoy the repetitiveness of training and winning mini games.

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