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28 November 2014

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Monopoly Family Fun Pack for PlayStation 4 comes with three different styles of your favorite game. With Monopoly Plus, you can play Monopoly against up to four other players in a 3D world that includes fun animations everyone will enjoy. In My Monopoly, you get the opportunity to personalize your game board by adding your own icons. In Monopoly Deal, the goal is to steal Monopoly cards from the other players. By playing on your PlayStation 4, you can enjoy your Monopoly game with your favorite pieces without having to worry about cleaning up the game when you're finished.

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Monopoly Family Fun Pack was released for the PlayStation 4 by Ubisoft only a year or so ago. The team of developers behind this PS4 incarnation aimed to bring all of the addicting strategy of the board game to full 3D digital life. While the game may not be a ringer for 'most necessary console next gen adaptation' it still offers a whole array of fun that can be suitable for the entire family. This Family Fun Pack comes packed with three different ways to play the classic rival-making family game, and each one of them brings something to the table.

Monopoly For All Ages

The first, and most popular, version of the classic Monopoly game is just a traditional adaptation. Once you boot the game up, and select Monopoly, you will be asked which type of board you want to play on. Your choices are 'classic' or 'living'. The classic board game version is just a simple 2D representation. Your focus will be on making the moves needed to win without all of the glitz and glamor of the alternative option. The living version of the board game is a vibrant visual skin that overlays the traditional board. You will see 3D representations of all the famous pieces, places, and actions on the board. You can watch as the game blooms to life in front of you. It is definitely fascinating to watch the board change with your corresponding moves. This is Monopoly in the classic sense. You roll the dice, buy your property, upgrade with hotels and hope that your enemies land on your best spots. In the way that games need to function, this is fully realized and ready to go.

Monopoly For the Creatively Inclined

Now if classic Monopoly is fun, but tiring, the Family Fun Pack offers up an alternative. In this second game play option, one that will be more popular for older players, you get to set different rules and boundaries for the game. That's right! You get to change how the game is fundamentally played. You can create your own board, move around pieces, and also adjust where all of the tax money ends up going. With these variations available it is easy to see the replay value of this classic game climbing. Fortunately for intuitive gamers, this option exists. For those that don't want to have to deal with the bells and whistles of painstaking adjustments, just skip it altogether. It's a nice fail safe in case you ever get bored of the original product, though.

Monopoly: Deal.

The final version of Monopoly in the three pack is called Monopoly Deal. This version of the game is not played with a board and dice, rather it is played as a card game based on the original board game. The point of this game is to collect sets of matching cards based off of the board game pieces. You can steal players cards and pass them around. There is an online mode here that makes for some fun, quick paced, exciting competition.

Looking at the Gameplay

If you've ever set yourself down at a table of people playing Monopoly you probably already know how the game will play out in front of you. You will all start out ambitiously buying up as much property as possible. Then you will get into the bartering stage when the dice no longer rolls in your direction. And finally you will try to escape from the game when it begins to feel like it has gone on too long. Therein lies the great strength and weakness of Monopoly, even in this PS4 adaptation. The game is long and it goes through phases that push people away.

The core problem that Monopoly has is that it is entirely luck based. Once the dice quits rolling in your favor you really start to lose ground on the rest of the competition. A few nice rolls in the beginning of the game could make all the difference in the world. So the Monopoly Family Fun Pack is already facing an uphill battle from the moment that it enters your disc tray. It just doesn't have the natural balanced appeal that some of our more popular modern games do (Settlers of Cataan, We're looking at you).

Still, for being a classic game it sure has translated well. It is easy to roll the dice, move your pieces, and interact in the digital from. It's cleaner than dealing with a board you have to set up, a banker you have to assign, and pieces that may go missing. The game works and it works well.

The Sights and Sounds

We briefly touched on how nice the game looks, especially when it is in the Living Mode. On the whole the entire game is professionally crafted to appeal to just about everyone. The music is upbeat, the colors vibrant, and the 3D adequately done. Unfortunately for Monopoly, these things grow grating after awhile. Can you imagine sitting around a board game version of monopoly and looping the same song for an hour or so? Yeah, it'd get pretty irritating. The same truth bears out here. Gamers will likely be reaching for the volume dial sooner than later, or substituting sound entirely for music of their own devising. In either case, the sound is not going to be the focus of your Monopoly experience.

Find Your Competition

Perhaps the best reason to invest in the Monopoly Family Fun Pack on the Playstation 4 is that it can connect you to gamers all around the globe. As long as you have an internet connection and access to the PlayStation Network, you will find someone who wants to join in your game. For those of us that truly love playing Monopoly, this might be one of the rare ways we get to play it with people. Playing this game is an investment of time and patience, so it is nice to see a new avenue that expands the availability of gamers.

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