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28 November 2014

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In Monopoly Family Fun Pack, the Monopoly+ mode offers the traditional game, albeit with the option to play around an animated 3D city or connect to the action using Xbox One's Smartglass functionality. My Monopoly is similar, but it adds in a great deal of customization, letting gamers name properties, add custom icons, and unlock more than 120 design elements. And the online only Monopoly Deal mode is a fast-paced card game in which the goal is to collect three complete property sets.

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'Monopoly Family Fun Pack' on the Xbox One brings the classic board game to the next generation of video game consoles. Released by Ubisoft just a year ago, this title has already seen playing time on both the PS4 and the Xbox One. We got our hands on the XB1 version of the game in order to see if it would love up to our embarrassingly high expectations. We grew up playing Monopoly with our friends and family and many nights were spent gathered around the table, dealing properties on the sly, and glaring at our greedy banker. While we know the game can't give us the shady version of Monopoly that my friends loved to play, it could give us a digital version that we could share while on opposite sides of the country. The 'Family Fun Pack' comes with three different ways to play the classic game and every single one of them gives a little more than you'd expect.

When we first popped the game into our Xbox One the question we asked ourselves was: "Really?" As in: "Are we really about to play friggin MONOPOLY on the Xbox One?" In my house whenever you'd see a couple of guys sitting in front of the Xbox it was because we were playing the latest 'Call of Duty' or 'Halo' game. But yeah. After a moment of letting the shock wear off we let ourselves believe it. We were about to play Monopoly.

After putting the disc in and skipping past what was probably a pretty fun rendered video we found ourselves facing down a string of game modes to choose from. The choices ranged from the classic Monopoly that we grew up loving all the way to a fast paced, card game version that we didn't really know what to think of. We'll go ahead and give you a few details on each game mode.

Classic Monopoly

The first, and probably most played, version that we chose to sink our teeth into was the classic Monopoly game. This is a 1:1 traditional adaptation of the board game you probably have hiding up in your closet. Once you boot up the classic game you are hit with a question: Do you want a living board or a classic board? Figuring that the classic board was just flat, we chose to opt for the living board. The living, as it turns out, is a 3D representation of the game. Instead of just a flat surface we see a city sprouted up before us. The animations were pretty cool and the graphics looked nice. We liked seeing the different iconic board properties realized in full 3D. It's sort of silly, we guess, but it does help to bring the game to life. There were no other curveballs to note here. The game played like we were used to. Roll the dice, collect cash, buy properties, and try to stack your properties with hotels. This was as simple as busting the board out, only without the mess with the added benefit of online multiplayer.

Creative Monopoly

Next up on our list was the second game mode. In the second game mode that the 'Family Fun Pack' offers, we were able to set different rules and boundaries for the otherwise regular game of Monopoly. Now we aren't just talking about the rules Mom or Dad would make up on the fly in order to win, you can actually change the core components of the game. Allocate where tax money goes, change how the board is laid out, and even move the pieces yourself. These options won't change everything about your gameplay experience, but the option to tweak the game will add a layer of longevity to a title that could otherwise grow stale. It was nice to be able to mess around in here though we can't say we will do it every time that we play.

Card Monopoly

The final gameplay mode was called 'Deal'. This version of Monopoly has nothing to do with dice and board games. Instead you play the other people in your group in what turns out to be a fast paced card game. You want to collect as many matching property card sets as possible. There are little strategic quirks in the game, too. There is an option to steal opponent cards and you can even move cards around your circle of players. We bet that the online multiplayer version of this mode is pretty intense, though we didn't have time to venture into it ourselves yet.

Monopoly in and of itself is a pretty simple game and this console version of the board game seeks to replicate that fact. The game is easy to play and easy to progress in. Rolling the dice is simple and you don't even have to move the pieces or keep track of 'How many moves did I make?'. The Xbox One will handle those things for you. So with that extra time you will be able to realize a few of the issues with the game.

Now we aren't talking about anything on a fundamental level. The game itself works fine. The problem we had was that the title was seemingly too luck based. If you had a bad first couple of turns then it seemed increasingly impossible to actually come back to win the game. Does it mirror real life? Well, maybe. We sure enjoyed being on the lucky end of the rolls, but once we were on the unlucky side we grew tired of being seemingly shafted at every opportunity.

The last issue we had with the game has more to due with growing up than anything. Monopoly itself is one of the longest standing games around but it won't be that way for long. We've seen too many great, strategic and iconic games be released in recent years. Look at titles like 'Settlers of Cataan' or 'Carcassone'. Those games offer multiplayer ability with more interesting premises and longer standing impressions.

Still, we gave 'Monopoly Fun Pack' on the Xbox One a thumbs up. It'll survive on the gaming shelf of families and Monopoly fanatics everywhere.

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