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20 June 2014

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MotoGP 14 refuses to hold your hand once you've actually begun to race and it is for that reason alone that we have to respect the series. In a game like MotoGP, where many players won't be accustomed to how the sport is done, you will have to be willing to learn while on the road.

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MotoGP 14 is another entry in the ultra popular Moto series by Mileston S.r.I. This game was released in June of 2014 for the Playstation 4. This is the first next gen title to be created and released by the developers. As with many of the other Moto games, this one features a large array of different bikes and tracks to burn through. While there are many new upgrades in the 2014 release of the Moto series, it is still far from being perfect. Let's dig in and see what all of the fuss is about.

A history of success.

MotoGP got its start way back in 2008 and since then the company has only been trending up. It offers gamers the chance to hop astride a motorbike and to really feel the speed of the track. The game exists in a sort of niche world where car enthusiasts don't quite gravitate but there is still a hardened crowd of followers. The series has routinely been considered the only way to enjoy motorbike racing outside of actually hopping astride of a pair of wheels yourself. The big question that MotoGP 2014 will face is this: Does it give that same sense of speed while promising players more?

A slew of options to enjoy.

Upon booting up the game players will be greeted with a huge array of playing options. You have your standard single races, considered just exhibitions, and you have historic races as well. Though the history of motorbike racing is relatively considered 'lost knowledge', it is still interesting to hop into a race that happened in real life and to experience it in HD on your living room television. You also have your timed events and online modes, as well. There are tons of options to keep you entertained and, at first glance, this is almost a bit intimidating.

How does it all look on the Playstation 4?

As with many racing games, MotoGP 14 is pushed to the limit. There really are only two things that this genre of game needs to do well: look good and play tight. So with the gaudy PlayStation 4 schematics at its back, MotoGP continues to shine. The environment looks crisp and the colors are as sharp as ever. There is a ton of detail on your racer and the textures involved are quite gorgeous. Slow down the race sometime with the replay mode to see just how smooth everything looks. We've made no mention of the actual bikes yet but they too also look gorgeous.

Of course now that MotoGP has the official license for the sport there is a host of licensed material available. You will get to use sponsored vehicles, branded clothing, and even league tracks to race on. So if there was a track that you fell in love with watching on television you can go ahead and take it for a spin with your rider and bike in the game.

So how does it all handle?

If you are one of those guys that considers all racers 'the same' then you are in for an infuriating wake up call. Racing on four wheels is a whole lot different than racing on two wheels and it won't take long time find out. The physics in the game are on point and the terrain is varied enough to put it all to the test. You aren't strapped into a heavy machine in this game. You are sitting astride a small bike that will bump and bobble and almost flip based on the terrain that you are riding. There is velocity, physics, and the terrible combination of the two that will leave most fans gritting their teeth after another wipe out. That isn't to say that the controls are bad, however.

MotoGP 14 refuses to hold your hand once you've actually begun to race and it is for that reason alone that we have to respect the series. In a game like MotoGP, where many players won't be accustomed to how the sport is done, you will have to be willing to learn while on the road. The controls are fine, and tight, and there is definitely some method to the madness that is perfecting two wheeled racing. You will want to hit as many practice modes as possible in order to get comfortable with how to stream behind people and even the act of turning.

For those that continue to struggle there are some ways you can address your problems. There is a physics option in the menu that can be adjusted to make the feel of the bike more tolerable. Switch between standard, semi pro, and pro in terms of the level of reality in the physics simulations. There are a ton of other options as well that you can fiddle with in order to make your biking even simpler but it will take some time and dedication to get it all perfected.

A detailed campaign mode.

Once you actually get into the groove of racing things start to get really fun. As you get better on the track, including pushing your ranking up the crowd, your agent will start to get you more and better work. You will push ahead and out of the Moto1 division and into some headier territory. Your agent will do their best to negotiate you better contracts with better teams that could help out your career going forward.

Messing with your bike while in the garage is an overwhelming and entertaining experience. You can tweak your bike, change its settings, and ready it up for the races in any way that you see fit. There is an excellent question and answer mode where you tell the engineer of your bikes what problems you are having on the track. They will offer guidance on how to fix the bike going forward.

MotoGP 14 on the Playstation 4 is for the kind of person that wants to play games and beat them. Fans of the sport will find their way to a copy, but the rest of us will have trouble getting into it. Racing moto is difficult and sometimes frustrating but the rewards are definitely fulfilling.

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