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18 September 2009

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In MotorStorm: Arctic Edge for the PSP, MotorStorm's breakneck racing festival has ripped up the Monument Valley desert and smashed through everything in its way on The Island, and now the world's most frenetic off-road racing tournament is set for a whole new challenge: the freezing, relentless, bone chilling temperatures of Alaska. Seasoned MotorStorm racers and newcomers alike contend with vicious opponents, as well as hazardous obstacles such as sudden avalanches, broken ice bridges and three different, and completely unforgiving, racing altitudes. This is going to be the most hostile terrain and environment you are ever going to face, so ready yourself for the toughest MotorStorm festival to date.

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Sony PlayStation developers have given us the MotorStorm series that has been quite explosive in its success. Now, they continue their blasting experience right on your own PlayStation Portable with their newest offering, the Motorstorm: Arctic Edge. This next installment presents a race among snow machines through an arctic circle with its icy snow tracks. Although most of the games that were reformatted for the portable version have suffered from diminished quality, this game has fortunately captured the true essence of a fast-paced off-road racing game. Compared to the powerful PS3 version, all it lost is the HD resolution and other graphical features that a PSP cannot handle.

This installment is definitely the MotorStorm you have come to love with all its different amazing course designs, a number of paths for the countless vehicles that will charge those tracks and the completely diverse controlling characteristics for the same automobiles.

Arctic Edge is just like its predecessors where almost everything is there; from being unloaded in the center an arctic circle for a titular racing festival, down to the magnificent designs of a towering mountain where you dash up and down and around. You'll be jumping off and driving through snow and riding it off with a snowmobile and a snowplow. You will be faced with a variety of courses made to feel exceptionally distinct from one another; and few of them are actually new. There are a lot of shortcuts, alternative routes and altogether different terrains, jumps and turns.

Arctic Edge shouts about flexibility. Every one of the 12 tracks have diverse routes, each appropriate for a certain type of vehicle. Your favorite automobiles come back in this installment like the buggy; ATV and the big rigs; together with new designs like the snowpluggers, snowcats and the snow machines, which are best for drifting.

The best thing about MotorStorm is besides these new cars and track designs, everything feels like the console version and nothing was cut just to fit it in the handheld console; their attention to detail is just remarkably amazing.

The game operates well without being bogged down even though you are racing it off with over six racers. It is smooth and you can really feel the speed in those zippier rides. As to the texture, it is one of PSP's best and the sun flares are really stunning no matter how constantly you see them when rounding a curve. Another great detail about the game is the addition of a Photo Mode that lets you get shots to the XMB

The game also sports astonishing audio effects like the turbo sounds and engine noises which are beefy along with the horns. The game also employs environmental sounds that differ with each change of terrain.

In conclusion, MotorStorm: Arctic Edge continues the legend of all its predecessors when it comes to racing. Everything is just grandiosely breathtaking from the designs, to the graphics and even to the smallest audio detail. Having been reformatted from a PS3 version down to a smaller handheld did nothing to damage the game's excitement. MotorStorm: Arctic Edge definitely has an edge worth having for both fans and newbies.

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