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17 October 2015

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In MXGP: The Official Motocross Videogame, players can choose from 60 different riders and 60 different bikes as they speed and soar around 12 tracks designed to look exactly like their real-world counterparts, complete with raucous crowds, balloons and banners, and terrain than deforms in real time. Gamers can also get a taste of life as a motocross rider in the new Career mode, where they sign contracts with sponsors and battle to become the champion. The game forces you to grind out wins in order to build your reputation. The higher your reputation the better you will be seeded and the better your bike will become.

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MXGP: The Official Motocross Videogame was developed by Milestone SRI for the PlayStation 4. The motocross genre of sports games has always been fairly limited and under represented in the current age of videogames so it is nice to see someone else trying to make them happen. The game was released in 2014 and it serves as direct competition to the much more popular MotoGP franchise. This iteration of the MXGP franchise serves as yet another opportunity for the difficult world of motocross to catch on with the general public. Let's dive on in and see if Milestone did a good job trying to get this game to the masses.

Getting dirty on the track.

At some point in our lives we probably daydreamed about owning a dirt bike so that we could tear up the tracks and the fields behind our houses. At least that's how I felt, growing up in a little rural town. But bikes are expensive and I never really wanted to deal with potential breaking my leg by hitting something so I never got into it. Now a decade later I am getting the chance to stare down a digital recreation of that childhood dream. There are many reasons to consider picking up the game, and we'll get into those, but we'll first talk about how simply fun motocross is. For video game racing fans the world typically ends with titles like 'Forza' or hybrid games like 'Grand Theft Auto', where the vehicles actually take a backseat to the action of the story. The MotoGP series has been one of the most consistent producers of two wheeled racing, but they've never blown up the way these other titles have. MotoGP certainly has never really had competition for the relatively small market they are catering to. That is where MXGP may come in and do something special.

Earn your wheels.

MXGP takes a definite inspiration from the MotoGP series. Upon booting up the game you will be overloaded with a slew of different gameplay options. There are online and offline game modes that are meant to pull you in different directions. You can skip everything and jump right to online multiplayer or you can go through one of the many individual offline modes. There is a training section, a campaign mode, and the regular exhibition contests. The campaign mode is where you are likely to spend the majority of your time.

As a new rider, MXGP expects you to earn the respect of the other people on the course. The game forces you to grind out wins in order to build your reputation. The higher your reputation the better you will be seeded and the better your bike will become. As the game progresses, and you find your way flying up the rankings, you will be forced to compete hard for points during the season. Things never get easy for you though because there are always 21 other riders that are determined to blow by you and they'll do anything that it takes in order to do so.

We would be remiss if we simply glanced passed the online game modes. The online season mode is invigorating and a welcome addition to what has always been a relatively confined experience. In the online season mode you will be competing against the field during the season. You have to get in enough races to earn enough points to progress to the next level of motocross. It is similar in style to the FIFA series but completely different in terms of gameplay difficulty. The small niche of bikers that play games like MXGP are good and you will need to bring with you all of the skills that you learned in training.

How does the game handle?

Racing is a fun way to compete against friends, families and foes so it is important that the game feels tight. Nobody enjoys a floaty feeling racing simulator and once realism leaves the door so does our entertainment. Getting the physics of MX down was an important factor for Milestone to succeed on the next generation of consoles, and it seems like they did well enough. The weight of your bike plays a huge part in how you react as you furiously speed your way around the course. Keeping your bike level, controlling your turns, and avoiding going over the handles is of utmost importance. Knowing when, and how, to employ your brakes on hard turns is also something that needs to be learned. The actual bones of control are easy: you use the thumbsticks to move around and control your balance. But controlling yourself in a tight way, with no wasted movements, will take practice. The game, on the whole, is fluid and entertaining. You won't be complaining about getting cheated by bad controls.

How does the game present itself?

MXGP: The Official Motocross Videogame is a port for the PlayStation 4. Many people are already familiar with the title due to the time it spent on the last generation of consoles. With that being said, the game does not suffer for it. It was already a good looking piece of software when it was originally released and the upgrade to better hardware definitely served it well. You won't feel the mud hit you when you play it at 1080p, but you'll definitely feel immersed into the game. The riders are relatively detailed with their outfits and the courses are interestingly designed. Most of the detail goes into the bikes and the physics of controlling them. The game won't blow you away, but it never fails at looking good for what it is.

Motocross is an interesting sport because, on face value, it should be so much more popular. The sport is dangerous, fast paced, and customizable. You'll have riders with varying styles and or bikes and the way they compete can dramatically change the experience. Still, for those that DO love MX or want to try it out, this is the perfect place to start.

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