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26 November 2010

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NBA Jam is an unique multiplayer arcade style basketball game that mixes the over-the-top fun of the original, old school, coin-operated two-on-two game, with modern gaming graphics. Designed with Next-Gen consoles in mind, the game preserves the distinct visual 2D style of the arcade classic which incorporates specific player and coaches likeness', but adds crisp court, crowd and scoring celebration details that are only possible with modern gaming consoles. Additional features include in-game unlockables, representation from every team in the league and boss battles against some of the best NBA players in history.

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NBA Jam is a classic game that many people associate with their childhood. Originally on the Super Nintendo and in arcades, it was a hard game to master. Now for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, NBA Jam is still the same game but it brings so much more to the table.

Not only is NBA Jam the same fun arcade style game we remember, but there are new game modes and obviously some new graphics while still keeping the retro feel of the old game we all know and love. It's still all about the amusing commentary from the announcer (and they've got the same great voices) as well as the great dunks. The new game modes switch it up but it's one of those games that leaves you with that feel good retro feeling from your youth. It's mostly left alone and, for the most part, it's still the same old game you have always known. Unfortunately, this means that you will still find the hilarious looking plays that seem to defy gravity and look absolutely ridiculous on almost every other level, too. Isn't that what made it so fun, though? Some will argue that our sports games are more sophisticated now and we are past the days where our basketball players should defy the laws of physics but others will argue that sometimes you just have to laugh at it and enjoy the great times that can ensue.

As for the new game modes, there are a total of five new ones. Each new game mode is a new flavor of 2-on-2. Some examples are Domination Mode and Smash Mode which are generally people's favorites. Domination Mode makes you own the other player by shooting baskets from specific places on the court. Smash Mode is fun because you must destroy the other player's backboard with your intense baskets! The modes are a great addition to the game. Although many players will generally just play the regular 2-on-2 multiplayer like the original game, it's nice to have other options, too.

Overall, NBA Jam is a fun game especially if you were a fan of the original. It brings a few new things to the table but mostly it's just the same game. Obviously the graphics are better than Nintendo, but they're still not terribly wonderful. Unless you were a Jam fan back in the old days, you might want to wait until the price comes down.

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Nov 24, 2014

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