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19 November 2010

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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is set in a large open world of fictional Seacrest County, which features various regions for diverse driving challenges. This Xbox 360 version of Need for Speed uses an "Autolog" feature, which connects in the background to allow for online multiplayer racing and also lets single-player racers compare in-game accomplishments and statistics with friends across the network. In the game's main "Career" mode, virtual drivers have the chance to roll as both racers and law enforcement officers, gradually developing a reputation, gaining "Bounty" points, and unlocking additional challenges and high-performance automobiles.

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You have driven fast, put your foot to the floor on straights and also wrestled with meandering bends. You have driven top of the price range and top of the power range cars, at top of the range speeds on all kinds of roads. You've deployed your personal stinger device and blasted police cars with your magnetic gun. So that's the first hour done with, what's next? You are not kept hanging around in this game.

The Seacrest County Police have a Lamborghini Reventon, one of only a handful in existence, with which to nudge criminals off the road during pursuits. The game is wonderfully out of touch with reality and presents you with a cops and racers scenario where you can take the part of a cop or a baddie depending on your mood and upon which guise the friends who may care to challenge you have taken. The outrageous pursuits come in all shapes and sizes with varying numbers of competitors and adversaries, or just one on one time trials to name but a few. There are not many full on crashes as the vehicles are not lightweight racers bur seriously solid and so one crash could prove to be your demise.

At the start of each event a leaderboard shows the scores of you and your selection of friends and when a record or a time is broken this is put on the board, broadcast among your list of partaking friends for all to see. Even if you have no list of personal friends the game will recommend to you on line players who are suited to your preferences and style. There are plenty of online action events to choose from.

Seacrest County is a racers paradise with straight roads miles in length, long long curves, short bends and few annoying crossroads. The terrain varies from forest to desert and you are free to roam. Most of the time you aren't presented with unexpected hazards so giving you a chance to think in advance and drive accordingly, and, of course, avoid police cars. Having said that, some of the races and chases do involve blocked off roads and short straights making more for point and squirt driving techniques, and a driver in the know mapwise can also take advantage of short cuts. In the interceptor mode all maps are unlocked and your only escape is by trickery, duplicity and hiding as the police vehicles are tuned to a greater degree than yours and so can easily outrun you.

Hours of varied fun and action and hard to put down once played.

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