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17 September 2015

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In NHL 16, aspiring GMs can now manage the personalities and morale of their NHL and AHL players to ensure the team runs smoothly, while the Be a Pro career mode now features player progression that is directly tied to what gamers do on the ice. The card-collecting Hockey Ultimate Team also returns with upgraded player-management options and a new single-player season mode to let players improve their skills before heading online for single games or full seasons. Multiplayer fans have a variety of ways to team up or compete with friends, including six-on-six online team play with controllable goalies, online couch co-op, and the EA Sports Hockey League, which now allows gamers to choose from specialized player classes.

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NHL 16 is the latest installment of the NHL series, this hockey video game was developed by EA Canada and published by EA Sports. The game was released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 15, 2015. NHL 16 is the 25th installment of the NHL series and is the follow up to the previous title known as NHL 15 which arrived a year earlier.

Modes of Gameplay.

NHL 16 contains several game modes which I shall elaborate on:

New EASHL Mode

The online team mode has been given a new look and feel and allows you to choose specialized player classes which creates a much more balanced competitive experience on the ice arenas. The player skill level and your ability to play as a team will now be the primary factor which now decides who will win and who will lose in Hockey matches that you partake in.

Online Couch Co-op Mode

This particular mode allows the user to be able to setup matches with other online users, so effectively they can get some practice, or play time if you like before deciding to play other modes which the game has to offer, for example, it might be better to get some practice here before opting to partake in the EASHL matches.

6 v. 6 Online Team Play Mode

This mode is really self-explanatory but will elaborate slightly for the uninitiated. You have the option to play online with other users where twelve skaters, the goalies and so forth are controlled by other users, so you are basically playing in a team with other players online. The beauty of this mode is you also have the option to play and compete against other players from all over the globe, you can drop in on games for example, or take part in joint matches against other teams.

Be a Pro

The is a system located with NHL 16 called the Be a Pro Progression System and this system depending on how you play will influence not only how you play, it will also have an effect on the earned attributes within the game. These attribute which are effected may have benefits or not which is largely down to how well you play on the ice.

GM: Player Mode

GM: Player Mode is all about team work and setting up all the fiddly bits and matching the right players who you feel will work well together in matches. You will have such options as calling team meetings, adjusting rosters, building relationships with the teammates, trading deal with other teams, as well as other player settings which can be adjusted to enhance the overall team performances.

Training Modes.

There are various training modes within NHL 16 and these enable to you refine your player, in all areas, for instance, the Visual On-Ice Training mode allows you to get to grips with you offensive and defensive skills leading to better balance on control during live play. This particular mode also enables you to refine your shooting targets, passing along with other modes. The Precision Skating mode is merely a tool which allows you to adjust and refine the movements in various situations you may encounter whilst playing. There are also other modes which assist the player development, so NHL 16 has done a pretty through job of not only giving players what they want, but also allowing players to manage teams as well.

Story Driven Commentary

Just like the previous NHL series the ever ready commentators are back in full swing, you hear the likes of Doc Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, and Ray Ferraro, the commentary is surprisingly well done and you can hear the emotion within the commentary, the highs and lows at critical points within the matches. I feel that more enthusiasm could have been added, it slightly lacked that oomph.


The graphics department in NHL 16 has really set the stage, the game is stunning and each little minor detail and arena design has really pushed the boundaries as to what sports games can offer in the future. At times there are some small flaws, the replay aspect on the odd occasion doesn’t look quite right. However, I think the latest release adds significant weight over the previous release and the improvements made have certainly set the benchmark within the Hockey Franchises to the next level. NHL 16 is a game that can be played by literally anyone, given the amount of tutorials and options, modes within the game, it makes even the lesser known hockey fan be able to take some enjoyment in perhaps a game which wouldn’t normally be appreciated.

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