Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart - PC Cheats

Steam Achievements.

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Super Gamer Dude

Nightmares from the Deep PC steam achievements.

Carry out the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement:-

AYE, CAPTAIN!: Ahoy! Ye bested the game, mate--or should I be callin' ye Captain...
CLOCKED: Ye got that one in under a minute. Not one ta waste time, are ye?
LUCKY ROLL: Three games and zero skips--the odds certainly be in yer favor now!
MAHJONG FIRST MATE: Ye've left the first half o' the Mahjong games in yer wake! Arr!
MAHJONG MASTER AND COMMANDER: Ye've finished all the games o' Mahjong. Well played, sir!
NAY, SKIPPER: All games won without a skip! Ye sure ye never played this before?
PLAYTIME: Impressive work, mate, ye finished that game in under a minute!
RULE O' THREE: All 3 in 3 seconds? Ye see pretty good for a bloke with an eyepatch!
RULER O' THE SEAS: Congratulations on plunderin' every last Achievement, me bucko!
SELF-GUIDED TOUR: All o' them without a hint? Guess ye ain't the map-usin' type...
SKULLDUGGERY: Seems 3 is yer lucky number,'ey, matey!
SURESHOT: Ye barely made a mistake! Yer clickin' hook's as steady as they come.
TILE TIME: Ye take yer game playing serious. Ye beat that one in under a minute!
TRIPLE-PLAYED: Three in a row without reshuffling! An admirable job!
UNBURIED TREASURE: Ho, matey! All those cursed coins are now yers. Nicely done!