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28 May 2010

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In No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, the battle for revenge is upon us, and the action takes place 3 years after Travis got the meaningless ranked 1st title. Travis still lives in the same motel until he receives a mysterious parcel. Bishop, the only best friend Travis had, is dead. Coincidentally, the beautiful and cold Sylvia reappears in front of him to report the new assassin ranking of #51. Armed with a second beam katana, Travis is back to start his long journey that will lead him to the path of revenge. The game overall is soaked in slick graphic novel-style visuals.

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Release Date: 13/02/2009

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No More Heroes 2 Desperate Struggle is back and this time Travis Touchdown is ready to return with ranked assassin battles. He humbly walked away last year after being at the #1 spot a couple years ago. After that Santa Destroy and the others that call it home have went through a great deal of changes. It is more than just getting into the number one spot again and this time Travis is out for blood.

It almost seems like the same game as No More Heros. You will not have any control over the camera and are going to have to roll with the punches, the core game plays actually like its' previous game did. Don't get me wrong because you are going to want to play this game until you beat it though, one of the few games with lots of style. Just when you think something shouldn't happen it does.

I love this game because of the fact that you can rip through the city with a badass bike and do crazy donuts at intersections, but more importantly everything is streamlined, as you can just go out of your apartment and find what you are searching for. There are some small load times, but not as many as there were in the previous release of this game.

The city seems to be EXACTLY the same game, same coconut mini-game and everything. You don't have to worry if you mess up in a mission anymore now you can use the menu to travel. Believe me if you hated the cash system before you are going to be crazy about it now. You can now enter ranked missions for free. The cut scenes are amazing and you would have to be out of your mind to skip over them.

This game does pack a lot of customization and personality. Like the previous release of No More Heros you are going to get all that and more. The mini-games are freakin awesome. They are old school and there is nothing better than old school games for me and my mate! This game just seems to have a lot of style and they really strive to be unique. I guess it was a big risk in the first game, but since it was so successful why not do it again!

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