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20 June 2008

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Overlord: Raising Hell is a real-time strategy game that plays like a third-person action game. Players take control of the titular administrator of agony, who travels through the world of the living with a posse of imp-like minions. Different minions are best suited to different environments, such as water, fire, or poison, or to different actions, such as combat. To accomplish a task, such as moving an obstruction or attacking an enemy, the Overlord issues simple commands to his minions, who then swarm gleefully about until the job is accomplished (or they all are destroyed). Some puzzles and other in-game goals are labeled with colored number that indicate the type and quantity of minions required to accomplish them.

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7.0 / 10
For one, the iconic voice, comedic movie quotes and great punch line timing is still there. Duke is still the same Duke we know and loved back in the 90's with his rock star accent , great sound...
by 2K Games
Release Date: 10/06/2011

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This new version for the PS3 does have one thing going for it over the Xbox 360 version: the content that had to be purchased for the Xbox 360 game comes along with the PS3 version. That still doesn't put the game into the must have category.

Overlord is a third-person adventure/action game that has quite a few puzzles thrown into it. In this episode, you discover that you have lost your kingdom and are penniless and alone. It's up to you to retake your throne by enlisting the help of minions throughout the land and encouraging them fight for you.

There are four different kinds of minions that you can employ in Overlord and each have their different tactical uses. The first type of minion, the brown minion, form your shock troop. You'll generally throw them into the mix with support from other units so that they can, hopefully, survive. Red minions send out fire spells and inflict ranged damage upon their opponents. Blue minions deal with the element of water and can swim and resurrect dead units. Green minions are stealthy and can be used to hit the enemy from behind or ambush him.

Despite the fact that the idea behind Overlord is an entertaining one, the actual performance leaves something to be desired. One thing that takes away form the potential for Overlord to be a great game is the camera that makes it very difficult to use any real precision. Another thing is the problems that come up when a large number of units are in the game at any given time. The frame rate drops, the controls become sluggish, and the camera becomes even more difficult to manage. These little hitches make a game that could be a pleasure to play and make it a hassle. This one will have you wondering just why your hand is twitching so badly when more and more of your minions get close.

One thing this game does really well is the sound. Good sound can go far to draw a player completely into the universe of the game.

Overlord Raising Hell takes the original game and expands on it in such a manner that the game is an improvement over the original version but without fixing a few of the actual game issues related to frame rate and control from the original. Because of this the game was doomed from the start to end up in a gamers' graveyard. In effect, they failed to correct previous issues with the original which have unfortunately resurfaced up in this later release.

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