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26 November 2010


The PDC World Championship Darts: Pro Tour satisfies the dart player on every level. It is easy to control and the challenges are just right.

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The more serious gamers would not even touch a game with a title of PDC World Championship Darts: Pro Tour. Maybe it is because not many think that darts is a serious game. Most are stuck on the premise that when someone says sports, it usually means physical sports like football, golf, volleyball and such stuff. The truth of the matter is, darts involves a fair amount of skill, calculation and analysis: well, that’s wwhat dart players say, although it is not even recognized as a sport for Olympic purposes. The sport has been around for quite some time but has only been popular apart from in public houses and working mens’ clubs for a few short years. It’s relatively new to television and mostly a British occupation.

The present day known champion of darts is Phil “The Power” Taylor and he is just one of the many characters the gamer can play in Pro Tour.

Obviously the gamer does not have to be a pro dart player, or even a dart player, to get through this. This game offers everyone the chance to go through all the types and levels of playing darts. Special mention should be given to the Career mode which allows the player to either be a pro player or custom make one. Then there are the many world tournaments where the character or avatar tries to compete in and succeed as a bonus.

There are also the party game modes where the online game can get the player to have a go at the other players from whichever they come from. The player can even make up their own private match up game, inviting challenges to other online players. The host can make up their own specifics and criteria for the match. Thankfully, the online game is perfectly without any lag so there is fast interaction. However, it may take some time to find other online players who would actually take up the challenge. But this is also a great way to have fun while having a party at home.

Now for the controls, this is where the personal opinions could differ among players. The PS3 version has the choice of utilizing the move controller to mimic the throwing process. This is just like the Wii version where the player lines up a reticule, holds a button to lock in the shot and then replicate the throwing of the dart using the motion controller.

This is a method that is very effective and actually a better choice than the regular controller which would not be as effective in the movements. Another method is the Dual Shock. However, although this is just as good, the Move method is still the better choice.

In conclusion, the PDC World Championship Darts: Pro Tour satisfies the dart player on every level. It is easy to control and the challenges are just right. For those who are into darts, this is one game that I would not hesitate to label as a ‘must have.’ So far this is the most accurate game for the sport. Just don’t listen in on many comments and don’t miss out on a game that is music-less. And that is as much criticism as I can give for a PS3 game.

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Apr 4, 2014

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