Peggle 2 - PlayStation 4 Cheats

Unlockable Trophies.

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Peggle 2 - PlayStation 4 Trophies

Complete the indicated tasks below in order to unlock the corresponding trophies within the game.

Ace'd! (Bronze): Beat your first ace score.
All the Cheevos! (Gold): Completed 180 Optional Objectives.
Baller (Silver): Won a level with at least 12 balls left (Except Trials and Multiplayer).
Coolest Clear (Silver): Won a level with the cool clear style shot (Except Trials and Multiplayer).
Cryptic Cryptid (Gold): Completed every Celestial Realm trial.
Every Day I'm Pegglin' (Silver): Hit 10000 blue pegs.
Extreme Objectification (Silver): Completed 120 Optional Objectives.
Fairily Complete (Silver): Completed all Hallelujah Hollow levels.
Found Frozen Friends (Silver): Completed every level in Winter Blunderland.
Found So Many Contraptions (Silver): Completed every level in Gnorman's Gneighborhood.
Grounded (Silver): Completed every trial in Gnorman's Gneighborhood.
Half-Way Yay! (Silver): Completed 90 Optional Objectives.
Higher Ground (Silver): Completed every trial in Mountain Highs.
I Got a Fever (Bronze): Cleared all orange pegs in a level (Single Player Only).
I'd Hit That (Silver): Hit 300 green pegs.
Institutionalized (Silver): Completed every trial in the Peggle Institute.
Jump That Shark! (Silver): Complete all Jimmy's Jammin' Jaunt trials.
Multiballular Madness! (Silver): Complete all Jimmy's Jammin' Jaunt levels.
Not Too Scary (Silver): Completed every level in Gravely Grove.
Objection! (Bronze): Completed 60 Optional Objectives.
Opt-in (Bronze): Completed 30 Optional Objectives.
Orange Crusher (Silver): Hit 5000 orange pegs.
Peggle Master (Gold): Completed every Celestial Realm level.
Platinum (Platinum): You've unlocked all of the trophies!
SSSSlide (Silver): Completed every trial in Winter Blunderland.
Stylin' (Bronze): Got 75,000 styleshot points in a shot (Except Trials and Multiplayer).
Superior Shot (Bronze): Earned 3 free balls on one shot (Except Trials and Multiplayer).
Toured the Campus (Silver): Completed every level in the Peggle Institute.
Trials and Some Tribulations (Silver): Completed every trial in the Gravely Grove.
Trolled (Silver): Completed every level in Mountain Highs.
Ultra Extreme Fever (Silver): Cleared all pegs in a level (Single Player Only).
Ultra Extreme Objectification (Gold): Completed 150 Optional Objectives.
Viva the Violet (Silver): Complete all Hallelujah Hollow trials.