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22 February 2013

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Coming after Persona 3 which was rated by many as one of the best PSP game of all time, Persona 4 Golden for the PS Vita promises to deliver an expanded and enhanced role playing experience. With remastered graphics showing off the capabilites of the system, and improved audio presentation, the game also allows for online collaboration in a new Dungeon Rescue feature.

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Atlus has once again taken their off beat brand of Japanese role-playing games to new heights. Having taken the mantle of premier JRPG developer from Square-Enix, they have not looked back. Persona 4 Golden only serves to solidify the gulf that stands between Altus and the rest of the Japanese developers. So let us learn more about the twist of fate in the life of an unsuspecting Japanese teenager.

Persona 4 Golden is a revamped and remixed edition of Persona 4. Atlus has done this in the past with remixed versions of Persona 3 for the PlayStation 2 and Persona 3 Portable for Sony's PSP. With more development time, the Atlus team is able to fine tune the gameplay and broaden the scope of the game with additional story lines, personas and items to collect.

For the average Persona fan, the overall feeling of the game is as familiar as a comfy sweater or slippers. This is due to the fact that Altus have positioned the structure of these games in a fantastic manner. Shortly after starting the game, you find yourself once again in the Velvet Room, where Igor serves as the host as he does in other Persona games. It is here in the Velvet Room where you learn about play mechanics and most importantly, the personas. Additionally, the time of midnight again plays a role in a Persona game. In Persona 3, when the clock struck midnight, the dark hour began and you had the ability to fight in a tower of a dungeon called Tartarus. In Persona 4 Golden, you have to be mindful of the Midnight Channel and who appears on the television.

Personas are very integral to this game, hence the name sake. Personas are creatures that are created through fusion. It is through this fusion that more distinctive personas can be created. These personas are used in battle when you fight against various enemies or shadows in the game. Through social links in the game for each type of persona, your personal personas can grow to be even stronger in battle. It is through these Persons that pick up specific traits such as being powerful in the domains of ice, fire, electricity, among others. Enemies have weaknesses that can be exploited and picking the proper Persona does the trick for that job.

The story of Persona 4 Golden is more of a lighthearted affair than Persona 3 as Persona 4 Golden is asking our protagonists to look within themselves to see that there are sides of them that they might not like, however, these unfortunate deficiencies that we have still make us who we are.

In conclusion, something has to be said for the quality of a product when the gaming community knows exactly what we are to expect with the advent of a new Persona game, yet when we get it, it goes down easy like our favorite meal. There was a dearth of system selling titles for the PlayStation Vita when it hit the scene but with the release of Persona 4 Golden, can finally lay claim to have a killer app. Vita means life in Latin, let's hope the star power of this newest edition of the Persona franchise gives some to the PS Vita.

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