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25 March 2011

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Pilotwings Resort has been launched on the 3DS and offers gamers more than 30 unique plane, hang-glider, and rocket-belt missions in "Mission" mode. All three vehicles are controlled differently, so players must learn to master each craft before they can successfully complete each mission and earn stars. Gamers who are less task-oriented can instead try out the "Free Flight" mode, where they are encouraged to explore the skies above Wuhu Island to find hundreds of collectibles and unlock interactive 3D dioramas. Players can also snap photos of the island's many landmarks, save them to their 3DS photo album, and show them to friends at any time.

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  • Developer(s):
    • Monster Games Inc.
  • Publisher(s):
    • Nintendo
  • Release Date(s):
    • 25 March, 2011
  • PEGI Rating:
    • 3+
  • Series:
    • PilotWings
  • Mode(s):
    • Single-player
  • Not Compatible:
    • Download Play
    • StreetPass
    • SpotPass
    • Internet
    • Local Play
  • 3D Mode:
    • Yes

Technical Information

  • Average Playing Time:
    • 15.5 Hours
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Pilotwings Resort is a flight simulation video game for the Nintendo 3DS handheld game console, developed by Monster Games and published by Nintendo. It is a sequel to the 1990 Super NES video game Pilotwings.

Wii Sports Resort was such a hit among the casual crowd for Nintendo's Wii console that the company decided to take WuHu Island, the centerpiece of that game and use it for a PilotWings adaption on the 3DS. Just as the point of Sports Resort was to show off the Wii's motion capabilities, PilotWings Resort was built almost as a tech demo to show off the 3DS capabilities. That doesn't mean it's not fun though. It's just not as full featured as many other titles you can find on the system.

The game gives a choice of fixed wing light aircraft, hang gliders or strap on rocket belts to use as required in the forty or so missions presented to the player.

The game can be broken into groups of challenges across two different categories. The first is Free Flight Mode, which basically gives you the ability to fly over the island, exploring and collecting items. Free Flight is not Free Play, there is a countdown timer and you only have so much time to collect items before you receive a final tally and your quest ends. The game does a good job of adding replay value to this level by asking you to find specific items and then hiding these items in obscure spots. You'll need precise piloting to get your plane into every nook and cranny of the island. As an added bonus, gathered items will add to the time you have to explore the island.

The second mode is Mission Flight mode. In this mode you are given specific tasks to complete with certain restrictions. The challenges are broken down into different classes, training, bronze, silver and so on. The early tests are quite boring but the excitement ramps up later on.

Control is generally good, although sometimes you won't have the exact precision you would like to maneuver into tight spots, and of course the craft you are flying makes a difference of where you can actually get to. The 3D effect works well when you need it but is not necessary but does help in accurately gauging how close your craft is to the ground. If you are just aimlessly wandering around the island on Free Flight Mode, you may want to just turn 3D off and enjoy the crisp 2D graphics.

On the downside is the lack of a decent multiplayer mode. The game seems like it was made for it. It would be wonderful to see another airborne craft flying around in your the shies of your world, but alas, that's never going to happen. Oddly, the game does support StreetPass, so you could log on to find a bonus or two if you happen to bump into someone also carrying a 3DS near you.

To sum up, PilotWings Resort on the 3DS is a very good game for what it sets out to do. It introduces the player to the 3D capabilities of the 3DS and is casual friendly so that just about anyone can jump in and play. The 3D isn't always needed though and a lack of multiplayer in a title like this suggests that perhaps Nintendo just ran out of development time.

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