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27 November 2009

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Planet 51 is set on an alien planet that is oddly familiar. In something of a role-reversal, players take control of Captain Chuck Baker, an astronaut explorer who lands on the strange planet, believing it to be uninhabited. Instead, he finds himself in the midst of picket-fenced suburbs, reminiscent of 1950s America, except for the "little green men" like inhabitants, who treat Chuck exactly like the alien invader that he is. The play of the game involves exploring the 3D suburban world from a behind-the-back, third-person perspective, sometimes on foot but usually in a vehicle, and accomplishing tasks such as reaching a distant location or escaping from pursuers. As in the computer-animated movie, the ultimate goal, ostensibly, is to recover Chuck's lost spaceship.

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Family oriented games may not sound that attractive to many for they think that it would most likely be boring. However, Planet 51 is not a boring game and those who like to drive may find this a pretty challenging game. Now for those who looking out for a great script as a game story line, do not get so hyped up, this is no Gone with the Wind script. It is pretty much incoherent basically, but does that make it not a fun game? Well, check it out for yourself and get surprised.

Little green men invading the earth is a 1950s take on alien invasion. Planet 51 is basically faithful to this concept and those who like those old movies would certainly appreciate the alien world more. Younger players are sure to enjoy the exploration with hover cars reminiscent of Star Wars which are designed to look like 1950s cars. Some adults may find some elements to the game frustrating but this is designed for the kids in mind so it appeals to them more. Families who like to play together in front of their TV screens are sure to find enjoyment in the game.

Lem, Lem, Lem! Remember that line in the movie? Well, Lem is the main protagonist here, a young Planet 51 citizen who befriends an Earth astronaut who mistakenly thinks he discovered an uninhabited planet. Lem has to do a lot of odd jobs which he needs to complete on his own. Along the way he is met by obstacles but has no problem overcoming them. The younger kids may find that challenging, but for those who like to playing with blood, gore and graphic violence, this will not be even in the running.

Most of the action revolves around controlling the 1950s designed hover car and the player has to drive it well to get to the end of the road. As it is a hover car, there is less friction and this means more speed. So it can be considered one of those games which are enjoyed by millions, the car race games, with a twist.

Having to continuously race against an enemy lends excitement to the game. You would have to drive over all sorts of streets and roads. You can even press on a button so you can slam up against a competing car to knock them out of the race. But you would also find yourself on foot with the human astronaut Chuck Baker where both of you have to run all over the place to avoid the numerous obstacles.

The gameplay involves missions, but they are simple missions. Again, highly entertaining for the younger kids but not for the older ones. The game can be played by singles or multiple players. Kids can race against each other or complete tasks together.

Obviously Planet 51 is a kid's game but that should not lower its quality. It is fun, entertaining, and will definitely satisfy parents who do not like the graphic violence commonly found in other games. Enjoy your day and spend the time on an alien planet like Planet 51.

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