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16 August 2013

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PlanetSide 2 on the PC is a massively multiplayer online first-person shooter which was published by Daybreak Game Company and released and published by the same company. This game is a sequel to the original PlanetSide which originally was released in 2003.

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Planetside 2 on the PC is a first person multiplayer shooter game, similar in concept to the original version of Planetside. With over nine years between games, the designers utilized all the best features of the original game and incorporated all the latest advancements in gaming technology. The battles continue to take place in the air and on the ground in this eternal war game.

During this multiplayer war game, at any time there are hundreds and hundreds of players fighting on three different continents. Easmir is the icy continent, with beautiful landscape lit by the northern lights during the evening and the glare of the sun during the daytime. Indar is the dusty continent, red and tree covered and visually appealing. The last continent is Amerish, a jungle land that green and dense with tree cover.

These continents are covered in different sized bases that are captured during game play by either the New Conglomerate, the Terran Republic or the Vanu Sovereignty. When a base is captured by one of these groups, they immediately receive the resources bonuses. You can in turn use those bonuses to purchase infantry equipment and different vehicles that will aid in your team's efforts.

The weaponry has a realistic feel to it, and when guns, rifles, and canons fire projectiles, they land where you aimed them at. Bullets have the ability to tear through skin and shields at close range, and snipers who hit their marks at a significant distance will enjoy the realistic kills. There are different classes of player, from heavy assault, infiltrator, light assault, engineer and medic. The infantry battles can be fought at just about any distances, and being able to kill an opponent from 300 meters away with a single sniper bullet is extremely rewarding.

The combat with the vehicles is by far the highlight of this war game. You can utilize the aerial assault of the Terran Republic Mosquito, an air fighter with a clear bubble for being able to spot those enemy air attacks easier. Using the nose cannon you can swoop in and attack enemy bases or lead enemies on suicide missions right into the waiting scopes of your infantry attack. You can also help other teammates who are more comfortable with ground attacks by covering them from the air as you clear the way for them to position themselves for the attack.

The game has enough to keep you busy when playing alone, but the mass appeal of this fighter game is when you can play together with friends. This is when the game shines. It is a much louder and meaningful game when you are calling out your friends by name to get into position for the attack. Alone you are defenseless and an easy target for enemies, but with your friends at your side you form an impenetrable force that can take on even the biggest attacks. This game does not disappoint and will entertain even the hardcore gamer with its stunning graphics, exception speed of movements and realistic kill shots.

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