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14 November 2006

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Platypus for the PSP puts you right in the middle of the action in this ground-breaking side-scrolling shooter game. Guide your ship, Platypus, through 30 challenging and action-packed levels, destroying everything in your path. What sets Platypus apart from similar titles, other than its name, are the 3D visuals. Everything from the ships to the shots to the backgrounds is designed to look like hand-molded clay. The storyline involves saving the peaceful kingdom of Mungola from the rival regime of Collosatropolis. Players pilot a yellow triangular vessel across vibrant, side-scrolling backgrounds while blasting flying saucers, airships, and boss characters. The game features six main stages with a total of 30 levels to battle through. Along the way players can collect six weapon power-ups and rack up high scores by shooting down bonus targets.

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