PlayStation Move Heroes - PS3 Cheats


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Playstation Move Heroes PS3 trophies.

Carry out the following tasks to get the corresponding trophies:-

PlayStation Move Hero Acquire all other trophies.

Diamonds Are Forever Earn Gold Medals On All Diamond Challenges.
G.O.A.T. Get Gold Medals On All Story Challenges.
Nothing Up My Sleeve Get A Gold Medal On A Diamond Challenge Without Using An Ultimate Ability.

1st Place Loser Get Silver Medals On All Story Challenges.
50 Is Nifty Get A 50x Multiplier.
All Falls Down Destroy 20 Enemies During One Ultimate Ability Activation.
All Together Again Find All Hidden Gold Bolts, Precursor Orbs, And Coins.
Space Junk Destroy 5000 Total Enemies.
The End Complete Story Mode.

25 Is Alright Get A 25x Multiplier.
Agorian Dishonor Destroy 40 Total Agorian Bombers.
Babysitting Return 4 Whibblets Simultaneously In A Single Haven City
or Paris Rescue Challenge.
Buckets of Bolts Find All Hidden Gold Bolts In Metropolis.
Can't Touch This Take No Damage In A Single Haven City Or Paris Survival Challenge.
Chain Reaction Save 4 Whibbles With One Disc In A Haven City
or Paris Jailbreak Challenge.
Cool Whip Destroy 8 Enemies With One Whip Attack.
Crystal Clear Get A 30x Crystal Combo In Team Play.
Dance Party Get 200 Total Enemies To Dance With The Groovitron.
Daxter's Whirlwind Destroy 200 Total Enemies With Dark Daxter's Whirlwind Attack.
Day Care Return Every Whibblet Simultaneously In A Single Rescue Challenge.
Eco Power Destroy 200 Total Enemies with Dark Jak's Eco Lightning.
Fire In The Hole Destroy 8 Enemies With One Grenade From The Bouncer.
Gleebertopia Unlock The Final Gleebertopia Story Challenge.
Haven City Complete All Haven City Story Challenges.
HaXxoR Turn 200 Total Enemies Against Each Other With Bentley's Auto-Hack Ability.
In The Zoni Destroy 200 Total Enemies Via Zoni Attacks.
Just Enough Get Bronze Medals On All Story Challenges.
Landfill Destroy 2500 Total Enemies.
Line Em Up Destroy 3 Enemies With A Single Melee Attack.
Lock N Load Destroy 5 Enemies With One Red Morphgun Blast.
Look What I Found Pick Up Your First Hidden Collectible.
Make It Look Easy Save All Whibbles With One Disc In A Haven City
or Paris Jailbreak Challenge.
Medic! Give A Teammate 20 Health Ups In One Challenge In Team Play.
Metropolis Complete All Metropolis Story Challenges.
Paris Complete All Paris Story Challenges.
Party People Earn 10 Medals Of Any Kind In Team Play.
Pocket Change Find All Hidden Coins In Paris.
Pork Chops Destroy 100 Total Boar Bodyguards.
Round of Applause Get Your First Gold Medal.
Seen It All Use Every Ultimate Ability In The Game At Least Once.
Simma Down Complete A Haven City Or Paris Challenge Without Overheating The Combuster.
Sneak Attack Destroy 200 Total Enemies During Sly's Thief Time.
Spending Time With Friends Give A Teammate 10 Total Time Extends In One Challenge In Team Play.
Strike Destroy 10 Pinbots With One Ball Detonation.
Target Practice Hit Your Teammate 100 Times In One Challenge With Crystals In Team Play.
Team Trauma Destroy Any Combination Of 12 Enemies Or Objects With One Team Strike.
That's So Haven Find All Hidden Precursor Orbs In Haven City.
Ultimate Hero Trigger Your Ultimate Ability 3 Times Within One Challenge.