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07 December 2007

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Nintendo DS owners yearning to see their favorite Pokémon characters fight in 3D get their wish with Pokémon Battle Revolution on Wii. As with Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon Colosseum before it, Battle Revolution features a choice of arenas with distinct rules and victory conditions. The wireless capabilities of both the Wii and DS let players seamlessly transfer existing teams from either Pokémon Diamond or Pokémon Pearl handheld titles. Yet the cross-platform functionality doesn't end there. The handheld's touch screen is used to strategically control each Pokémon character within the ten included 3D arenas, offering players their own private command list free from the prying eyes of nearby friends.

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As its name suggests the game is focused on the battle among the pocket monsters. It sets a new tone apart from the earlier installments of the game. Players have a 3D experience of the action in the stadium. To achieve the maximum entertainment with the game, try inviting human players through the Wi-Fi connection or the conventional DS console.

Pokemon DS owners will have an advantage over others. Their Pokemon can be transferred to this new game. The new gamers will get their own Pokemon except that they do not have the freedom to choose their team. Once assigned with the Pokemon team, the player gets to play them all through. To create a custom team the player needs to use the DS version then transfer them to the Wii version. It is important that the player is confident with his Poke pals.

Poketopia and the available locations for battle are seen in the Colosseum mode. Try ousting trainers from every area to unlock the next level and gain points. It is important that the player collect as many points as possible. These points are essential for buying items and improving the Pokemon team. Aside from that the player gets to play the areas on the free mode.

The Pokemon experience may not be as engaging as in other games. Players can choose to play random battle or team up with other players for a Pokemon rivalry. There's still a lack of followers of the game, so hooking in an online battle can take much time. Most of the online stadiums do not contain waiting players. If in case you end up with unfortunate connection delays, the player again needs to go over the entire process of Wi-Fi connection and creates the match once again. The online experience may be frustrating.

3D display of the battle is captivating. Visual designs and graphic rendering are perfectly done. Character models are detailed and look impressive. Although some of the animation appears inflexible, the whole battle scenes are wonderful. The audio background suits the entire game and makes the battle even more enthralling. With the exclusion of some technical bugs, the game itself can be rated as good. Pokemon Battle Revolution is a perfect game for Pokemon fanatics.

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