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29 October 2010

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 allows you to take control of soccer’s biggest stars and compete in a wealth of challenging game modes. From tackling mates in a quick kick-about to going for glory in the UEFA Champions League, PES 2011 ensures your insatiable appetite for the beautiful game is comprehensively catered for. Returning for the 2011 season is the option of selecting from two different control methods before the action gets underway. Players can opt to use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk and experience the creative freedom that comes with pointing at players to execute passes and initiate defence-splitting runs with one hand whilst controlling the man on the ball with the other.

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“Freedom of play” – this is what this year’s release boasts about. This is evident in the game when you do commands like passing - which was made crisper, also; all the players are pretty much responsive to your commands. Ideally, these things are very difficult to make so it would really feel so nice if you can make a perfect play or kick.

You can feel all the satisfaction just from kicking the ball around with your characters feet to making simple passes. In addition, the AI’s are also more enhanced with their defense system and will certainly do everything they can to steal your ball. It’s a bit hard but it’s definitely worth the challenge.

In Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, the positioning of your players as well as the timing for every pass and kick is very crucial in every game on the Wii. This is because your opponents have a very advanced intuition and always on the defense in every step that you do. One slight mistake from you may cause your team to be defeated.

This year’s release is pretty much all about the future of soccer video games. It’s got an enhanced animation and very crisp and quick-reacting controls that makes your virtual playing feel real. Also, if you ever get a wrong move or think that you may have committed an error in executing a kick, you can refer to the slow-motion replay so you can study that mistake. Through this, you will be able to improve your performance and device new tactics or styles during gameplay.

What’s even better with this game is that there are no fixed endings. Every character, team, situation, and a whole lot more aspects contribute to the ending of the game- in short, the outcomes are limitless. It’s pretty much all about fun and excitement since predictions cannot be made. This game is for those who are up for a challenge.

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