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20 September 2013

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In Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, touch and ball controls are the skills that separate the great players from the rest, and PES 2014 gives you the ability to control both. Rove the pitch with total freedom and complete 360-degree control that allows you to take the long ball or go for the short tap. Pro Evolution Soccer also reproduces the full-contact physicality and replicates the pure physics of the game with animations and systems that react instantly to any situation.

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Pro Evolution is a highly regarded soccer sim series which has traditionally been overshadowed by the more popular FIFA soccer series. Pro Evolution tends to appeal to a smaller group of cult fans who rally against the popularity of EA Sports games.

In the last few years there have been big improvements in Pro Evolution Soccer and the 2013 edition featured improved graphics, tighter and more realistic game play. Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 takes many of these upgrades, tweaks them, and adds a few more to give PES a much needed new shine and polish.

PES 2013 suffered from a few graphical problems and glitches that were a direct result of an ancient game engine. Konami is expert at pushing a game engine to its limits, but PES 2013 suffered from placing too much demand on an old engine.

Thankfully, PES 2014 has an all-new graphics and game engine. The results are astonishing, not only is PES 2014 the best looking game in the series, it is currently the most graphically impressive soccer sim on the market. That's right, it finally beat the graphical polish of the FIFA series. Player models are astonishingly detailed and the animations are smooth and fluent.

Sports sims need highly realistic physics in order to play properly. Past PES editions have seemed a little slippery with their physics, players didn't move with enough weight, the ball sometimes behaved in erratic and unrealistic ways, and the game was more fast paced than a real game of soccer.

Thankfully this latest version of the game clears up most of these physics problems. On pitch player movement now feels and looks right and in general the players are much easier to control. Increasing the physical realism has caused the game pace to slow down considerably. This more properly matches the feel of a typical soccer game, but many fans will miss the high scoring, run-and-gun splay style from past editions.

Control specificity and accuracy are both highly important aspects of all sports simulations. If you don't feel like you are in complete control of your character, then the sim has failed. The Pro Evolution Soccer series has always had pretty solid controls and PES 2014 is no different. Players generally react realistically to your button presses and behave in a realistic, believable manner.

However, there are occasional issues with passing and player reaction speeds that make the game a little bit harder to play when compared to past editions. Sometimes the ball doesn't quite fly in the direction it was meant to. Sometimes players don't react to your button presses, which can make game play incredibly frustrating. Some of these reaction problems may be due to the new graphic engine's power.

In spite of some minor problems, PES 2014 remains a highly successful soccer simulation, that offers players a great soccer experience. Its high octane graphics and realistic physics elevate it to higher plane. Don't hesitate to rent or buy this one!

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