Professor Layton and the Lost Future - DS

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22 October 2010

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A pleasant game suited to anyone above about the age of ten. Gentle and great stress free fun.

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Nintendo DS


An unlikely scenario, well so was Lord of the Rings and after all it's only a game and so a bit of time travel doesn't seem amiss either. Throw in a sense of humor and you're on the road to having a very decent product.

Layton is a compulsively driven archaeology professor who solves mysteries for the public and in return they set brainteasers for him. It sounds like a big stretch of the imagination but it sets a scene for game's charm and fun, so excusing the silliness of it all.

Lost Future is filled with such gentle, good natured fun so how can you seriously criticise it. It's not pretending to be anything other than what it is, a little light entertainment.

The important bits are the puzzles, and they still maintain and even improve the style and content of previous Professor Layton titles. You've get the usual mixture of maths teasers and logic puzzles mini-mazes and picture posers.

As before the professor's case has inside it three optional sub-games that are unlockable bit by bit as the main story progresses. These little games are:-- a story book whose missing pieces must be filled with stickers, a car game in which you must steer Layton's old banger around an obstacle course of your own design, and a parrot-delivery service, don't ask.

The second of these, the car game is especially well done visually. Once you have set the course up, you press a button and you are treated to a beautiful animation of the ride. Some of the puzzles are variations on old ones but there are plenty of fresh ones as well.

A pleasant game suited to anyone above about the age of ten. Gentle and great stress free fun.

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