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29 June 2007

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In Project Sylpheed, for five centuries, Earth-led Terran forces have colonized the galaxy. The rebel ADAN " Freedom Alliance" has declared war to end the so-called " Terran Tyranny". Two best friends and up-and-coming Terran ace, pilots-Katana and Margras - are spearted by the unstable political situation on Margras' home planet, Acheron. Soon after Margras is forced to exile. Acheron is destroyed in a suspicious terra- forming accident that kills most of the population and renders the plant uninhabitable. Driven by revenge. Margras joins the ADAN fleet and leads merciless raids against his former Terran comrades. As Katana, it's up to you to stop your closest friend and end the cosmos-spanning war.

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One of the successful series of Wing Commander is the Project Sylpheed. Just like the other games in town, it also has different levels and missions to accomplish. Some of the things to look out for is you'll get to zoom into space, blast another spacecraft and launch bombs at bigger and scarier ships. It has a lot of cutscenes throughout the game to bring out its anime style. But the sad part of this game is its brief length and poor controls.

You will be named Katana, a member of Terrans and a defender of Earth. Your mortal enemies will be the ADAN resistance, where a league of people from other planets who are the arbitrary of Earth's government. While the story unfolds, you have to defend your spaceship, kill the enemies, and ruin the ADAN'S Death Star. Although the story is not that intense, it helps you along the game for you to understand more.

While it has its ups and downs, the Project Sylpheed's control schemes are not that easy to handle and understand. There are lots of commands and controls that will require you to press the button according to the desired outcome, each button has a specific function and by pressing them once, twice, or thrice will gave you a different outcome. It makes the game more complex and challenging and the tutorial mode will not help you in understanding the effectiveness of the buttons rather it abruptly tells you how to function and command the ship. Some of the commands presented at the game are more of distractions than being more of a help such as boosting forward to kill the enemies, and firing all massive ammunition at once.

There will be harder but not impossible missions that will you need to focus on, but mostly the game is more of trying to shoot the enemies with bombs and explosives coming from your ship to go to the next round. The most important aspect in this game is to protect your ship and your allies from being shot. Roughly two to six hours of flying and killing the ADAN's group, one can decipher the conclusion and ending of the storyline.

When not on the move and everything is still, the visual effects are quite interesting and surreal. It has attractive and pleasing stars and the ships designs are unique in its features and colors. Unfortunately, when everything is cramped up in your screen, the frame rate is worse. When you get to the later levels, the two powerful opposing forces will strike against each other bringing their own fleets. Due to its limitations,the game is nearly unrecognizable and hard to play. But above everything else, one can appreciate the explosions and it's sound effects of the game. The voice acting and the dubbing is incredibly good both during the game and its cutscenes.

While there are many games available in the market today, you cant see anything like Project Sylpheed. the game is too basic for anyone who is looking for more harder and more complicated game just like the Wing Commander.

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May 15, 2013

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