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07 December 2007

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In Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice on the PSP, two new gangs are turning Capital City into a war zone, The Raiders, who specialise in staging ambushes and striking hard and fast, and The Syndicate, a gang of professional bank robbers who will use any means necessary to obtain their illicit prizes. Needless to say, it`s up to you to, literally, drive them out of town. However, that`s trickier than it sounds. Plus, you`ve now got to deal with a rival squad of "heavy-handed" police called the Viper division. Thankfully, you`ve got a string of vehicles at your disposal (including planes, hovercraft, jet skis, tanks, trains and helicopters) as well as four new recruits in Pursuit Force--Sarah (air support), Gage (high-speed support), Ash (special ops), and Preach (heavy assault).

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