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18 November 2005

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In Pursuit Force on the PSP, five vicious gangs are fighting for control of Capital City. The terrified public has given up hope – and the Chief of Police wants results, fast. Players will jump into action as a member of the elite Pursuit Force and rid the state of corruption. Dive behind the wheel of a truck, a speedboat or even a helicopter as you hunt down criminals and recover stolen goods.

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Release Date: 07/12/2007

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If you like the idea of getting inspiration from action films to create a totally different game then take a look at this game which tries to copy action films that became a hit over the years. This game is a combination of car chases and gunfights that are typically seen in action films. This game is really a cracker, and one of my favorite things in it is jumping from car to car. You can even jump on the hood and blast them in the face, or throw them out and jump into the driving seat. There is a laid back feeling you will get from this game. Nothing is too serious, but don't expect there to be that much of a storyline. However, don't let that take away from the game.

So here is how the game goes, you play as the cop in a new branch of the police department. Pursuit Force is the name of your police group, and its purpose is the control and testing of experimental vehicles for use in high speed chases, and the development of new weapons. Your group is assigned to capture five gangs who are known for crimes using high speed getaway cars for armed robberies. Each gang has their own special skills and methods. You will be given 30 missions in which to capture them. With the degree of difficulty involved it takes quite a while to complete these missions.

At the start of the game, you will be given four missions to unlock the gangs. Once you have succeeded in these missions, you can start tracking for the gangs you have unlocked. You will also be ranked on the missions that you have finished. If you did well with the missions, you can get a promotion. The fight scenes, chase scenes and hi jack scenes are awesome. It is action packed and you will never have a dull moment in this game. It is full of fun and excitement.

The graphics are well done. You will notice little lovable characters poping up and saying silly things while chasing gang members. The vehicles and characters are so realistic. The scenes were all carefully crafted to get the feel of reality. All in all, Pursuit Force is the game to take when you want a full action game. It is so intense and will definitely take you on the edge of your seat. Your skills will be challenged as you get to do action stunts like in the films. I would HIGHLY recommend this game, it is badass! I would rate it 9/10.

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