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24 September 2010

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Quantum Theory is a futuristic third-person shooter starring a hulking, battle-scarred soldier named Syd and a lithe warrior named Filena. Together they will fight for the survival of the human race, as a deadly material known as Erosion makes its way across the post-apocalyptic land, infecting everything in its reach. The source of the Erosion appears to be emanating from a "living" tower, so the heroes vow to destroy it no matter what the cost. Quantum Theory is notable for featuring a shapeshifting battlefield that will create obstacles or hazards in real-time. Players will take control of Syd, with Filena joining the action as a computer-controlled teammate.

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This shooting game looks a lot like, and play a lot like, Gears of War. All the main buttons, like the reload button, the roll button, the run button, and the cover button, are all the same. Since the third-person cover-oriented shooter has become so popular, you would think that this version would be able to pull off imitating that great game rather well, but it doesn't.

The reason it doesn't is because the missions don't seem to be made for that style of game. Despite cover being about the only thing your character has to help him in his quest to annihilate all these numerous bad guys (and I would explain about the story, which has something to do with human evolution, but the game does an abysmal job of trying to explain it itself), there are numerous missions that provide no cover at all. For a cover-oriented shooter, that is pretty much sacrilege. The only way to get through them seemed to be to roll repeatedly with your enormous bruiser of a character, and pray that you don't die.

There are a few times where the map layout has potentially interesting battles set up, but once you get into them you realize that you're fighting an AI that is nowhere near your competency. Enemies will either run straight at you, or take a cover position that a portion of their body will repeatedly stick out from. Either way results in a quick kill. Despite the kills being easy to get individually, the game sends wave after wave of enemies at you, making it difficult to kill the sheer numbers of enemies you'll fight.

There are also a few choice encounters that are either perform perfect, or die. These don't even get to be right after save spots, but instead they're a distance from the last save spot, which means when you fail the first few times, you'll have to gun your way through the same ridiculous battles to get back there and try it again. These portions of the game don't just make you want to give up, they make you want to throw your remote into the television screen. Don't do it.

While Quantum Theory has admittedly stepped into an arena against a few other games that have done exceptionally well in this genre, that doesn't mean that it can step in with an incomprehensible story and broken gameplay and people will jump on the bandwagon. It's going to take more than a toilet-water attempt before people will stop playing Gears of War to try something like this.

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May 15, 2013

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