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16 November 2012

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Rabbids have escaped all over your Nintendo 3DS and found their way into the real world. You must collect them throughout 7 worlds full of mini games and bring the complete collection back one battle at the time! Players will need to collect over 100 delirious Rabbids with unique and delirious combat abilities. Train your collection of Rabbids to make them stronger and test them in battles. Play intense and hilarious 1v1 battles with your friends mixing strategy and Rabbids’ humour. The battle continues in the street share scores where players can gain training bonuses unlock new Rabbids and items with other players you cross thanks to the “Street Pass” feature. Complete your collection with “Spot Pass” where new rare Rabbids can be downloaded every week on your Nintendo 3DS.

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Release Date: 14/06/2013

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Ubisoft has brought us another addition of the Rabbids series. This time it is for the 3DS in the form of Rumbling Rabbids. The 3Ds feature enhances the reality of the series by making it appear and feel like there are rabbids all around us. They can be battling on your coffee table coming out of your floor, or even all around you in the air.

One of the best parts of this installment of the rabbids series is that there are more than 100 rabbids that the player needs to find. This will entail a bit of time, so the game is well worth the dollar amount in that the producers have assured that this is not an overnight playout. The rabbids that the player has can also be trained and run through drills. This enhances their fighting abilities and makes them more effective in garnering fellow rabbids.

This game also features spot pass. This feature lets the player amass a small army of rare rabbids that would not otherwise be available to the playing community. Another positive feature of this game is the street functions. Here one can exchange weapons and rabbids with other players. Enjoy one on one battles against other players and strengthen your rabbid through a series of battles that enhance its strength and agility.

This game also does not keep the player in one place or level. There are actually seven different worlds that the player must move through in order to find all the lost rabbids. Each one of these worlds also includes a wide variety of mini games. Within each of the mini games, the player must win battles and conquer obstacles in order to find rabbids that have escaped.

Pure to rabbids form, the player will also have the ability to change their costumes and experience their warped yet funny sense of humor. As the player obtains experience and strength new, weirder costumes become available for their rabbid. These costumes range from the hysterical to the odd. Hats, accessories and a number of other adornments will ready your character for a fun filled adventure through each mini game as they search for rabbids.

Ready yourself for adventure and fun when picking up this game. While it is appropriate for many age and experience levels, one may want to be wary about the younger players. Some of the humor may not be appropriate for tender ears and eyes. Otherwise, even the more experienced players will find this 3DS game to be a blast and well worth the cost. The intricate character of the multi-level game play is not easily conquered in an afternoon. Even after conquering the game and finding all of the rabbids, one can still find amusement in training and strengthening their rabbid army. This game is well worth the investment and fun for most ages. Experience the 3D world of raving rabbids as they battle the world on your 3DS gaming system today. This is a game worth buying.

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May 25, 2013

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