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28 September 2007

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In Ratatouille, with dreams of becoming a famous French chef, Remy must overcome many obstacles including his size and species. Based on the 2007 film, Ratatouille, combines incidents in the film with several scenes and missions created specifically for the game. Gamers lead Remy away from his family and around courtyards, markets, and sewers in Paris as he evades hungry enemies and restaurant patrons to collect ingredients for his culinary craft. A resourceful rat, Remy can use an umbrella to glide, spools of thread to reach higher areas, and hot sauce to deter would-be assailants.

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I have to be really honest, I am not a fan of movie and video game cross over titles as this really has the story for you outlined and obvious if you have watched the movie first before you play it. And the attempts of adding a story to the story are just an attempt to make video game merchandise. However, ratatouille still jumps around and aims to amuse the younger age bracket.

It is obvious that the game is aimed for kids, but adults can’t help it to just try it out and make a review about it. Well anyway, here is some of the good stuff about the game. First of all the game starts out strong and promising, and can really attract you to jump in the game and get things started.

The graphics are nice and cute and if you are getting this game for a kid, it sure is a winner. The story added to the main plot is unique and it is pretty much similar to finding out a hidden part of the plot that was not told in the movie. Sort of like a prequel in you will.

However, the game suffers a lot from points that a child would not care to pay attention to. First of all, the game starts strong yet what happens in the middle is that the game has a poorly made story structure. You are not even sure why you do the things you do. It’s like jumping and gaining items for the sake of passing the level and nothing else. We wished that there was more to the game than just being a Super Mario game rip off.

Certain game features are really annoying, for instance, the fact that you would want to jump on a wall is not going to be a success if you are too near to it (and I thought rats are really good wall climbers). Despite the fact that you have a full health bar, you can instantly die if the enemy touches you and have yourself on the main menu without warnings. "What? I died?" yes you did, the game just does not make you notice that.

The part where a kid chases you and Remy runs toward the camera is supposed to be fun and challenging, but couple it with the faults of the game and fun turns into stress and you would not want to even get close to it.

The music is nice yet over time it drives you insane most especially if you get stuck in a level for too long. Different characters in the movie will give you hints on how to do things and that but it gets really annoying since they keep on saying things over and over until you get to do what they want you to do. Best thing for you to do is turn down the volume and get yourself to accomplish the objective the way that you want to.

Overall the game is a nice purchase for kids but not for mature gamers as they have a keen eye for details. But if you want to discover the back story of the movie, then this game is for you.

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