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25 March 2011

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In Rayman 3D, an updated remake of the classic Rayman 2: The Great Escape. Players can once again help Rayman battle the evil Razorbeard by destroying hordes of mechanical pirates, freeing enslaved creatures, collecting magical fragments called lums, and piecing together four magical masks in order to awaken the sleeping god Polokus. Rayman 3D uses the 3DS to take the next step, filling the game's 45 areas and 13 regions with new camera angles and graphical enhancements designed to make enemies and environments appear to pop out of the screen.

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Rayman 3D on the Nintendo 3DS is an adaptation of the Dreamcast version of Rayman 2 which is considered the best of all Rayman games, the game lets gamers rediscover the fantastical adventures of Rayman in an improved and expanded universe.

Do you care to venture into the world of platform games? Platform games for those of you who do not know, or live under a rock, are games mainly based on controlling a character moving from one area to another. This includes running, jumping, and puzzle solving, among other things to achieve. Classic Platform games that paved the way for this genre include Super Mario Bros., Megaman, Metroid, and Sonic the Hedgehog. So why all the platform gaming talk?

Well this question brings us to Rayman, who is yet another platform game character. Rayman blasted his way into the video game world in 1995 starring in his own self-titled game. While this game was received quite well among fans and players alike. In 1999, Rayman's next game was considered remarkable by most if not all of the gaming world. Skip ahead a decade and some years later and we end up here. Rayman 3D for the 3DS, a remake of an amazing game revamped with the 3DS's capabilities.

Okay, so the cat is out of the bag, Rayman 3D is not a brand new game. Instead Rayman 3D is a remake of the classic Rayman 2 The Great Escape. Is this a bad thing? After all, we are seeing quite a bit of remakes and HD collections on the rise in recent years. So why not give Ubisoft and Nintendo the benefit of doubt here. If you have played this game in the past, why not take a walk down memory lane. Go ahead and enjoy the all-new 3D visuals via the Nintendo 3DS. If you have missed on this gem in the past, here is why you should not pass on it this time around.

Welcome to the Glade of Dreams, a beautiful and mystical world with a very imaginative cartoon like environment. This is Rayman's world; unfortunately, Admiral Razorbeard and his army of robot pirates destroy the heart of this world. Losing all of his powers Rayman finds himself captured meeting his friend Globox, who has also met the same fate. Thus starting his journey to restore the world he lives in and take down Admiral Razorbeard.

During your journey, you will meet many friends, collect lums, ancient masks, and solve various puzzles. Each character unfolding more and more of your story as you go along. This game is a 3D Platformer, meaning that you have a linear sequence of levels to experience. Much like Super Mario 64, but expanding upon the world you travel can be accomplished by collecting lums. As in most of these types of games you will start out with minimal moves, but the further you progress you will build upon Rayman's abilities.

Let us talk controls; one aspect that should be acknowledged is the minor annoyances the controls caused. Not having a joystick was really a trying experience at times. It is also worth noting that the touch controls really did not implement anything creative or ground-breaking. This was a bit disappointing to say the least. Ultimately this game should be considered a pure remake, it does not bring anything earth shattering to the table this time around. With that said it is still a classic game and one of the best, if not the best platform game of all time. If you have not played the original yet, this is a great place to start!

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