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26 November 2010

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Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare puts a ghoulish twist on Rockstar's epic tale of Wild West revenge by unleashing a mysterious plague that destroys the frontier landscape and revives the dead. Players once again join the rugged John Marston, only instead of hunting down outlaws, he travels through the sagebrush eradicating unrelenting hordes of zombies, helping out the remaining uninfected citizens, and searching for a cure to the plague. In addition to bloodthirsty zombies, the landscape will also be dotted with infected animals and mythological creatures, such as the Four Horses of the Apocalypse, but Marston will have a handful of new weapons at his disposal, including a blunderbuss, zombie bait, torches, and holy water.

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When our uninspiringly named main character John Marston comes home from his travels he finds a member of his family has been "turned". And of couse the ensuing sequence of happenings force Marston to make the decision to return to the Wild West frontier, first calling in at Blackwater and its surroundings looking for a cure to undo the "turning". At this point Undead Nightmare presents some new faces along with a lot of the old ones familiar from previous games in the series.

The story has very much of a B movie feel to it, but why they are considered second rate is beyond me as this genre produced some of the best horror movies around. It is often made obvious as to what is about to happen but can do nothing about it except watch in horror or more likely, in amusement as there are moments of pantomime humor amongst the depressing, brooding darkness of the scenarios.

As in most games, so it is with this game there are also a variety of sub challenges to be taken on and overcome, such as treasure hunts, and weapon fights. Locating survivors and helping them to clean up settlements is very much the order of the day and keeps you busy as there are lot of such locations. There is of couse no shortage of Zombies roaming around, particularly in towns and cemeteries and you soon learn that Deadeye is your most useful accessory in Undead Nightmare. Not only does Deadeye buy you extra time, but it also lets you line up quick and efficient headshots; a must, as blowing out Zombie brains appears to be the only way of taking the Zombies out.

Marston remains essentially a gunslinger, but also has acquired other skills, such as smahing with the butt of a rifle and he also has a flaming torch, useful for group Zombie burnings. There is also a problem with ammunition to contend with; there is not enough of it and so other killing methods must be used to ration it. Cleared areas can be scoured and the dead can be robbed for their ammunition or anything else of use. But often ammunition stores are are found by chance.

There are many hours of storyline to complete with an entirely new soundtrack and a new voice-over and many memorable moments. There is also the multiplayer Undead Overrun horde mode, great fun but needs 2-4 players to help you defeat wave after wave of zombies. And then there's even more in the shape of the bonus King of the Hill-style 'Land Grab', a non-horror themed multiplayer mode for Red Dead's Free-Roam, adding even more to do in an already full package.

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