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07 June 2011

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In Red Faction: Armageddon, a massive Terraformer that supplies Mars with its Earth-like air and water has been destroyed, causing the once-balanced atmosphere to transform to chaos. The Colonists have been forced to flee underground and begin their lives beneath the surface. Darius Mason, the grandson of Martian Revolution heroes Alec Mason and Samanya, runs a dangerous, yet lucrative business carrying out jobs that others fear to do. When Darius is tricked into entering an old Marauder temple, he reopens a mysterious shaft releasing a long-sleeping evil that unleashes Armageddon across Mars.

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Release Date: 21/04/2011

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Red Faction Armageddon for the PS3 is a sequel to the first installment of the game Red Faction designed for Playstation 1. This game is a third person shooter and is completely different from the original installment of Red Faction, which of course is good news for players that are looking for a new challenge. In Red Faction Armageddon, the player is acting as Darius Mason, the grandson of Alec from Red Faction Guerrilla a forerunner of this game. This installment takes place on Mars 50 years after the events of Red Faction: Guerrilla and is designed around a notion of destroyable environments with the idea of putting them back together in the end.

Red Faction Armageddon features a new screen icon system which shows player indicators on the screen such as the weapon you are currently using and the enemy you are currently fighting. This system is new and did not feature in previous titles.

The weapon set of Red Faction Armageddon is fairly simple. Players start off with a magnet gun. Weapons cannot be upgraded but can be swapped for other weapons. For example, a player starts out with a magnet gun, but can change their weapon to one they may find on their travels. These weapons have names such as Mr. Toots, Maul, EDF Enforcer and others just as unlikely. These weapons are not upgradable so it is important to try your hand at all the guns possible and be sure to pick up ammo if you want to keep shooting.

Shooting levels are a part of the objective campaign when it comes to advancing the story. In these missions, players will not only be able to destroy areas, but also to fix them. While shooting levels make up the majority of missions in this game, vehicle missions are also included for extra challenges and excitement. This aspect of the game encourages players to destroy all enemy land and air vehicles which are sent to attack them.

If that is not enough to keep the player busy, there is also multiplayer mode. In this mode, players can make a team of up to four to take on larger enemy concentrations. Rather than choose to protect infrastructures, players may decide to let them fall to the enemy if it suits their purpose. The multiplayer mode requires a lot of teamwork to complete but it does offer upgradable weapons that you can purchase.

Red Faction Armageddon is really aimed at existing fans of the series, but it may also appeal to the newcomer, neither will be bored as there is a lot to keep them occupied.

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